Lance Archer Speaks on New Japan’s ‘G1 Climax’ Tournament Kickoff in Dallas

New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Lance Archer has spoke out on the upcoming G1 Climax in a new video on YouTube. The video features Archer standing in front of the American Airlines Center in Dallas, where the tournament will kickoff on July 6.

The Texas native talked about the importance of the Dallas event, as well as his participation in the tournament.

“You don’t even understand how special that is to me. It’s been about five years since I’ve been in this tournament. This will be my fifth tournament to be a part of. So, I’m basically telling everyone that they need to watch out for the American psycho, because this year will be my year.”

Archer’s primary claim to fame in New Japan has come at the side of Davey Boy Smith Jr, The duo is known as The Killer Elite Squad and they have become one of the most feared tag teams in the entire company.

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The G1 also features other top stars from New Japan, including Jon Moxley, Shingo Takagi and Kenta, who most recently worked in WWE under the name Hideo Itami.

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