Luke Harper Reveals He Almost Quit Wrestling Before WWE Call, His Wild Gimmick & Daring To Dream

Current SmackDown Live Tag Team Champion, Luke Harper, recently spoke with Rochester First where he admitted he almost quit wrestling before getting a call about a WWE tryout.

Almost quitting wrestling:

“My wife was eight months pregnant and I was just coming back from Japan and I said, ‘Honey, I’m done, this is it, I’m just going to go get another real job and we’ll make do here,’” Harper said. “And that’s the day [WWE called saying], ‘Hey, can you come for a tryout?’”

How does he bring out the wild gimmick:

“I think it’s just in there,” Huber said of Harper’s wildness. “I don’t know. If you ask my wife, she’ll tell you when I lose my keys, I look like the red light’s on so, I think it’s just in there somewhere and just has to be drawn out. There’s a switch, but then when I get home my son wants to challenge me for my title, which I have to say no, no, no because he’s always winning.”

His father teaching him to chase a dream:

“My dad told me when I was 20, he had leukemia and was dying and it was a real rough time and he kind of discovered what life was about in that time that he was sick and he told me. ‘Man, you’ve gotta go out and do what you gotta do, like, if you love it, go do it.’”

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Rochester First

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