Mary Beth Ellis to race Challenge Denmark 2015

Mary Beth Ellis, one of the toughest female athletes in long-distance triathlon, has signed up to race next year’s Challenge Denmark on June 13th, 2015.


“I am so excited to race Challenge Denmark,” she says. “I have been searching for a race in Denmark the last few years and have long desired to visit the country.  As soon as I saw the Challenge Denmark race announced, I was sold!” says Mary Beth. 

“The race not only offers a spectacular and exciting point-to-point course with incredible scenery but also promises to be super fast, “ she adds, referring to the flat bike course between the city Herning where the swim takes place, and the city of Billund where T2 is located. On a good day where the wind comes from north-west, the Challenge Denmark team promises one of the fastest bike courses ever seen.