McMahon Held Off TV For 2 Years?, Confirmed For SummerSlam, More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Original plans for the Mr. McMahon “dead” angle called for the WWE Chairman to remain off of television for two years before returning. However, those plans were changed several times as the plan before the angle was scrapped was for McMahon to return to television later this summer claiming that he faked his “death”.

– The only thing that is certain to happen at this year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view is the multiple-person match featuring stars from MTV’s Jackass television show. The match will involve Umaga playing the key heel.

– Speaking of the Jackass match at SummerSlam, it doesn’t look Bam Margera will be working the event. Bam recently suffered a torn liver and concussion after a skateboarding accident in Louisville, Kentucky. The injuries left Margera hospitalized for three days. While it is not certain the injuries will keep him out of the match, it certainly doesn’t improve his chances of getting in a WWE ring.

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