Michael Bochicchio Reveals He Will Likely Sell His House If He Has To Cancel WrestleCon

The impact that Coronavirus is having on the wrestling industry has been drastic, and Michael Bochicchio has revealed what cancelling WrestleCon will do.

The WrestleCon convention has been a staple of WrestleMania week in past years and is one of the biggest events of the year for fans.

However, this year the show is very much in jeapardy due to the growing spread of Coronavirus. The pandemic is having a worldwide impact, and the wrestling industry is certainly taking a hit.

While it is currently still scheduled to go ahead, WWE WrestleMania 36 is looking very doubtful to be happening in April this year. This would have a huge impact on not just WWE, but all of the independent shows that are scheduled for that week that are reliant on WrestleMania’s crowd.

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During a recent interview with Vice, Bochicchio revealed the sad news that he does not have cancellation insurance for the WrestleCon convention which means if he has to cancel the show it is going to cause a huge problem for him.

Bochicchio said: “I’m not kidding, if this is a full cancellation, I’ll likely sell my house. You can put it on the record, it’s true.” 

The only hope the WrestleCon co-owner has is that Tampa officials shut down the convention as this would trigger the force majeure provision in contracts and allow him to recoup some of the con’s expenses. This would hopefully mean that the financial impact wouldn’t be as severe.

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