Michelle McCool Discusses Preferential Treatment Backstage In Audio Interview

As promised, MichelleMcCool.Net brings to you Michelle’s first interview since retirement back at WWE Extreme Rules on May 1st, 2011. Today marks the fifth-month anniversary since Michelle has parted ways with WWE, and she is ready to share her story. After having answered close to 350 questions over the years, we knew this interview had to separate itself from anything we’ve previously done — and we may have done just that.

In what is truly her most revealing interview ever, Michelle McCool sits down for a two-part, memoir-style walk down memory lane. If Michelle were ever to write a book, we imagine it to read somewhat as she speaks here; it’s that intimate. Michelle has recorded over two hours of material, in which she discusses her frightful first day on the job to her tearful last. For the first time, Michelle relives the storylines that have defined her career, and her fans, otherwise known as her Faithful Followers, get an inside look from the Diva who lived those magic moments.

In Part One of our two-part special, Michelle begins where it all had started: the 2004 RAW Diva Search. For the next hour, Michelle will share stores from on the road and how her journey really began. Also, at the end of part one, for the first-time ever, Michelle will finally address to what she refers to as “The Million Dollar Question,” preferential treatment backstage. In the later part of her career, Michelle had been plagued with rumors that her accomplishments and accolades were not well-deserved, and merely handed to her. How does she react? You may be surprised.

* First Day: Diva Search
* Diva Dodge Ball
* Diva Search Elimination
* WWE Contract
* First Day ‘On The Job’
* “Under Their Wing”
* Layla & Vickie “Not There”
* Debut Match
* Feud With MNM
* Divas vs. Diva Search
* Offer From Playboy
* Dawn Marie Backstage Confrontation
* Video Game Debut
* Deep South Wrestling
* Bill DeMott
* Developing A Character
* Heat With Stephanie McMahon
* Larger Breast Implants
* Hot For Teacher
* “Dying To Be On Tour”
* First Magazine Cover
* Southern Accent
* “Diva Cloned”
* Memorial Day Bikini Battle Royal
* Loving Life / All-American Girl
* Chuck Palumbo & Jamie Noble
* Put To The Test
* Wardrobe Malfunctions
* Fans Turning – “SMARKS”
* First Action Figure
* Divas Championship
* Vince McMahon & Character Transition
* “Million Dollar Question” – Preferential Treatment Backstage

If you’re wondering why she may have not covered a particular subject during her 2004-2008 career, don’t fret! Chances are, she’s already answered them. Since 2005, Michelle has given MichelleMcCool.Net dozens of interviews, and has answered close to 350+ questions — including a first-ever vlog! Believe us, it isn’t easy coming up with questions entering our seventh year online, but we do try! So, please be sure to take some time to review our extensive collection of interviews with Michelle in our archives section of the website.

As for Part Two in our exclusive interview with Michelle McCool, that will be posted on October 8th, 2011. Be sure to check back for teaser clip in a preview for which Michelle discusses the controversial “Piggie James” storyline and any possible apprehensions she may have had being involved. Believe us, you don’t want to miss it!

The first part of the interview can be accessed here.

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