Mick Foley Elaborates On Why He'll Continue Watching RAW After Monday

Mick Foley posted the following Facebook blog to elaborate on the tweets he sent out after watching Monday’s RAW, explaining that the show was good enough for him not to quit watching each week as he said he might do prior to last night’s show.

STICKING AROUND…at least for now

Yes, I was seriously contemplating taking WWE off of my viewing schedule.

At the end of last week’s post, I mentioned that I needed the company give me a reason to keep watching. Last night, they DID give me a few reasons. Here they are:

1) By allowing her to enter to her own music, and wear her #LegitBoss shirt, I received my first indication that the company may allow Sasha Banks to spread her wings, and fly.

2) I REALLY liked Charlotte’s subtle heel mannerisms, and slightly condescending tone toward Becky Lynch. Becky is an amazing talent, just looking for some character direction – and I think she may have found some of that last night.

3) I really thought that in the wake of last weeks disappointing ratings, that we would see a very Authority-heavy show. Remember Christopher Walken on Saturday Night Live – when his prescription for everything was “more cowbell”? That’s what I foresaw for last night’S WWE Raw – with “Authority” being the new cowbell. Instead, we saw the origin of a new faction, which could prove to be quite effective over time – the birth of The League of Nations.

Was it a perfect show? No. But I found it to be an enjoyable one – that didn’t make me feel penalized for being a wrestling fan. Sure, I want to see more Cesaro, Owens, etc – but WWE gave me enough to keep me around…at least for a while.

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