Mick Foley On His WrestleMania 32 Role, Shane McMahon's WWE Return & More

WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley recently spoke with Brian Fritz of The Sporting News to promote his WrestleMania 32 Dream Raffle for RAINN. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On his reaction to Shane McMahon’s WWE television return on RAW a few weeks ago:

“I had said from time to time it would be great to see Shane McMahon back, but I had no idea if that would ever happen. I knew Shane would get a good reaction. I didn’t know he would get that kind of reaction. That was amazing. For the story lines, someone said. “Didn’t they reveal that too quickly?” Maybe, maybe they could have played it out a little bit. I think the interaction between the McMahons is great. The idea of Shane-O-Mac possibly doing something death-defying inside or on top of that cell is definitely there and it’s a great story line. I don’t know how they proceed with it but I think given their track record at WrestleMania the past few years, you have to give them some freedom to tell that story.”

On if he’s going to WrestleMania 32 either as an observer or to possibly be part of the show:

“I’ll definitely be at the show. I hear rumors that I’ll be part of the show. Not to lower anybody’s expectations but technically the only year I wasn’t part of the show was in 2011. I’ve been back for three Manias and last year I accompanied our winners to the show. In 2012 I did a thing with Santino and the guys with Deadliest Catch. In 2013, I was inducted into the Hall of Fame, which is a pretty big deal to go out there and receive the acknowledgements from all those people. In ’14 I was part of the announce team, the pre- and post- announce team. I guess I’m playing a little role. I’m not exactly sure what it is, though.”

On if he sees himself being more active with WWE, even this year with him wrapping up his comedy shows in just a few days:

“Yeah, I’ve got just a few shows left with Indianapolis my final one on Sunday night. I’m going to take at least the rest of 2016 off and then we’ll play it by ear. I’m not doing that with the intention of doing more with WWE but it would be convenient if something opened up that we both were excited about doing. I have expressed interest in maybe playing a small role in creative for the women’s division. I think they could use a seasoned veteran with a pretty good world view and a passion for what the women are doing. And I think the women would welcome it.

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