Mickie James Asked About Past Photos, Foley Removed From WWE.com, CM Punk

— Via call-in, Mickie James was interviewed on The ITD Morning After radio show based out of St. Louis this morning. Mickie James, who was at the National Republican Convention this past week, talked about WWE’s “SmackDown Your Vote” initiative. She was asked if she was a Republican, but said no. James considers herself an independent and is still thinking about who she’s going to vote for. The hosts ask her if she’s dating anyone. She said she’s “dating her job” as her line of work makes it hard on relationships as she’s on the road so much. The hosts jokingly ask her if she’s dating St. Louis’ own Randy Orton. She laughs it off, saying, “No!” James then talks about her upcoming guest appearance on the USA Network show Pysch this Friday. Up until this point, the interview was your typical standard stuff, but it then takes a rather unusual turn as soon as the hosts start talking about looking her up on the Internet.

The hosts were doing some research on Mickie James and they discovered some nude photos she did in the past (for Legshow magazine). They then ask her about it and she doesn’t seem to know what to say as she stumbles on her words a lot in her response to the question. James tries to dodge the question at first, but eventually remarks, “It’s kind of hard to say, like I may I have done, I did some different stuff in my past but I don’t think that makes or breaks who I am today.” The hosts then talk about it more and Mickie says, “Alright we have to move on.” The interview concludes a few seconds later.

Here is a transcript of this very awkward conversation. If you listen to the audio, you can easily tell that she was highly uncomfortable.

Host 1: You know we were, as you can probably tell this is a well-oiled machine, lot of show prep goes into it and we were doing our show prep at 3:30, 3:45 St. Louis time. (interrupted)

Host 2: 3:50.

Host 1: Okay, we were a little late there, 3:50 St. Louis time and uhh, the great Doug Vaughn, who I know you’re familiar with typed in uhh, Mickie James online.

Host 2: Uhh oh.

Host 1: And… (interrupted)

Mickie James: 30 seconds guys.

Host 1: Uhh, okay thanks. And, and there are, (hosts laugh) there are some pictures attributed to you that appeared to say that you have done adult work. And then I look at your bio and it surely doesn’t seem that is something you would have done. Your reaction to that?

Mickie: Well, umm I think that, uhh… I mean, I’ve been doing this 11 years and I think that uhh you know everybody… like I said before everybody comes from different backgrounds and they, you know… I don’t… I don’t think that… that…

Host 1: So you did it?

Mickie: That… (pauses) Well… I mean, you know what? It’s… it’s kind of hard to say, like I may I have done, I did some different stuff in my past but I don’t think that makes or breaks who I am today.

Host 1: No, no, no! As a matter of fact I consider it a check mark yeah, absolutely. I’m all in favor. I, I actually thought…

Mickie: (Laughs)

Host 1: Doug, Doug was looking at it and I go, oh, I don’t think that’s her.

Mickie: Right.

Host 1: But it was.

Mickie: Alright we have to move on.

Hosts: (Laughs)

Host 2: Flip that off!

Host 1: (quietly) Alright, please destroy this!

Host 2: Please flip…

Host 1: Alright Mickie, good talking to you! Thank you!

Mickie: Thank you!

Host 2: (Laughing) I don’t even know who this women is and we had to handle her moving us along!

Host 1: Right when I was hitting the issues! So that was her!

Host 2: Uhh, clearly it was. Otherwise she’d say, WHAT? No! It’s an Internet thing.

Host 1: No, she went, uh, yeah, uh, WELL?! That was her response! WELL?!

Host 2: That’s when I said she was prepared for that, or uh, that was you.

Host 1: I don’t think that that’s out in the open. Maybe it is?

The hosts then talk about how they didn’t do much research on the subject as they simply typed her name in on Google and Wikipedia and it was there. They then ponder if she was prepared for the question about her past and if she is trying to put it behind her.

Apparently there was a WWE representative listening to the interview and/or with Mickie, hence her “30 seconds guys,” statement as soon as they started talking about looking up Mickie James on the Internet.

You can listen to the segment at this link by clicking segment two. Mickie comes on mid-way. The hosts add more reaction to their awkward conversation with Mickie later in the show, which you can listen to mid-way in segment three. The synopsis reads: “Looking Back into the Mickie James Interview and Her Reaction to Being Asked About Doing Adult Work, You Would Think She Would Have a Better Answer to Being Asked About Porn.”

— In perhaps a first, a profile has been removed from the WWE Alumni section on WWE.com. Mick Foley’s profile was moved from the SmackDown section to the Alumni section last week, but it has since been deleted altogether.

— Mere hours before the first-ever World Heavyweight Championship Scramble match, CM Punk will answer questions for a half-hour from WWE fans in a live chat/blog on the WWE Fan Nation site at 7:30 p.m. on Sunday night. At 8:00 p.m., Joey Styles and Howard Finkel will bring the fans live results, commentary and surprise Superstar guests during Unforgiven. For more details, click here.

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