Mike Adamle On His CTE Health Issues, James Ellsworth & James Storm Now Taking Bookings, X-Pac On Touring Australia

In an interview with The Chicago Tribune, former WWE Raw general manager, Mike Adamle opened up about his CTE Health Issues, which were brought on by his NFL career.

Below are some highlights from the interview, with a h/t to PWInsider.com for the transcription.

“You pop up like this. It’s hard not to, it happens to a zillion people every day on the planet Earth.  I’ll be gone. I’d like to make that a little longer and I definitely don’t want to spend it in an old folks home; that’s never going to happen. So we just keep on going until.”

Adamle is still independent but is now unable to drive himself and lives his life in set routines as certain things can set him off. He is suffering from a type of epilepsy that is related to bruising of the brain.

James Ellsworth & James Storm Now Taking Bookings

Both James Ellsworth and James Storm are now accepting independent bookings through Bill Behrens. Ellsworth is available from mid-February onwards.

Veteran referee, Earl Hebner, is also now available for bookings through the same way following his departure from Impact Wrestling.

X-Pac on Australia Tour

WWE legend, X-Pac recently toured Australia with several top independent stars such as Ricochet and Austin Aries and he took to Twitter to share how much he enjoyed the experience.

I'm late with this, but it was an honor touring Australia with some of the very best in the World for @WSWWrestlingAUS. This made me want to keep Wrestling. pic.twitter.com/9hwGjcyk71

— Sean Waltman (@TheRealXPac) December 6, 2017

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