More Backstage News On Big Cass WWE Release; Recent Tour Bus Incident Revealed, Creative and Attitude Issues

As we noted moments ago, via Sports Illustrated, Big Cass was released from WWE on Tuesday of this week after a combination of factors which included incidents of public intoxication and “conduct issues”.

Pro Wrestling Sheet has since corroborated the report and added Cass was indeed released due to a combination of factors, most notably incidents which took place during WWE’s most recent overseas tour.

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Specifically, the report points to an incident which took place on a WWE tour bus while talents were traveling in Europe, during which Cass had to use the bathroom. When Cass was finished using the bathroom, the lock on the door was apparently broken, not allowing him out. Cass thought he was being ribbed by other talents on the WWE bus, so the angry big man decided to break the door down, resulting in other talents having to use the bathroom thereafter without a door.

While some people on the bus understood Cass’ frustration with the bathroom lock issue, others did not, and the coupling of the incident, along with Cass’ excessive drinking on the European tour and the incident last month when he directly disobeyed orders from Vince McMahon and went against creative, the company ultimately decided to release Cass.

On another note, the WrestleVotes Twitter account added the following, claiming creative differences were also a factor in Cass’ release:

In addition, I’ve learned Cass also had creative differences over the past few months and voiced some frustration. Coupled w/ this report from @WrestlingSheet and adios big man.

— WrestleVotes (@WrestleVotes) June 20, 2018

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Pro Wrestling Sheet

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