More Clues On Gail Kim Possibly Being Done With TNA, Crystal Update, TNA Today

— It was reported earlier tonight that Gail Kim’s profile and photos had been removed from the TNA website, which could be an indication of her no longer being affiliated with the company. In a follow-up to the story, it’s looking more and more like the removal of her stuff was not some sort of “technical glitch.” TNA has a social networking community called the Xtreme Regine Community, which features profiles on all the Knockouts. Looking at this cached page of the site from Yahoo, Gail had a profile on the site. However, the section doesn’t have a page on her anymore. When you click her link on the cached page, it takes you to a blank page. Gail is still featured on the graphics for the site, but it would appear that she’s been removed from Xtreme Regine Community. Also, this is the link to her Knockout photos on the TNA website. All that comes up is an error screen. The cached page of the Knockouts photos section reads: TNA Photographer Lee South brings you hot pics of the Knockouts, with Christy, Gail, Traci, Val, Karen Angle, Rhaka Khan, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Lauren, Crystal, Jacqueline & Salinas.” The name of Gail Kim has since been removed from the current Knockouts page. Considering that her name was removed from the page’s description, it should pretty much confirm that it was a manual deletion and not some technical error like some may believe.

— The link to Crystal Louthan’s photos were also removed from the section (you can still see them
here though), but they still have yet to remove her name from the roster section. Sans a one week appearance back in May, Louthan hasn’t been involved with TNA since April due to the arrival of Lauren Thompson and appears to be through with the company. TNA only used Louthan that one week in May because Lauren had a prior commitment and was unable to attend an Impact taping. Perhaps if something were to happen to Lauren, they’d bring Louthan back.

— You can see the latest edition of TNA Today at this link. The show features news on Impact, No Surrender, and more.

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