More NXT ArRival News: Dark Matches, Ticket Holders Turned Away

– Over 200 ticket holders were turned away from last night’s WWE NXT Arrival event at Full Sail University. The University actually oversold the event, since they usually get over a hundred no-shows and wanted a packed house.

– In a dark match that took place prior to NXT ArRival going on the air, Mason Ryan beat Sylvester Lefort with his cobra clutch slam.

– After the show went off the air, John Cena, who was sitting ringside, got in the ring and put Adrian Neville over. Cena told the crowd he’d keep it brief and a guy in the crowd yelled “Good!.” Cena said he knows it’s two hours past that guy’s curfew, but he spoke to the guy’s mom and smoothed it over.

Neville went to the top of the ramp and Triple H raised his hand. Triple H sent Neville back to the ring for another big pop. Neville climbed the top rope and did a corkscrew moonsault and landed on his feet. Overall, the crowd was very into the show.

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