More On Fatu's TNA Departure, Wrestler Pushing For TV Taping In Japan, Ratings

sources:, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— As noted before, Junior Fatu aka Rikishi is gone from TNA. He was working on a night-by-night basis and was constantly asking for more money. There was some concern about his work in the ring and his attitude (he forgot Robert Roode’s name during an interview by calling him “Rick Rude”), and so they decided not to offer him what he felt he was was worth. Because Fatu was advertised to wrestle in the Fight for the Right tournament at Monday’s Impact taping, TNA actually announced that Fatu would not be there. Though he seemed to get a nice reception from the fans during his short stint in TNA, a number of people in crowd cheered the announcement.

— Quarter ratings for last week’s Impact show were 1.1, 0.87, 0.86, 0.86, 0.91, 0.99, 0.95 and 0.98. The highest rated segment of the show was the open, and the Sting vs. Angle match at the top of the second hour tied for the lowest quarter hour rating on the show. The rating actually increased after the match ended. The show drew 1.3 million viewers, which is about 200,000 less than what they usually do. Overall, the show did a 0.98 rating.

— Tomko is pushing for the January 4 Tokyo Dome show to feature a TNA television taping. TNA wrestlers are already scheduled to appear at the New Japan Pro Wrestling show.

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