More Updates On Nick Hogan, Street Racing, & Hulk Hogan's Involvement

Partial Credit: Pwtorch

More and more news continues to come out regarding the Nick Hogan situation. Reports indicate that the accident occured when Hogan was “street racing” what witnesses say was a silver Dodge Viper.

The St. Petersburg Times is also reporting that Hulk Hogan owns a 2006 Silver Dodge Viper that would fit the description of the car that Nick was allegedly racing. However, it has not been confirmed that 1) Nick Hogan was actually racing 2) That it was Hulk Hogan driving the silver Dodge Viper. Hulk Hogan arrived on the scene shortly after the accident.

Hogan’s passenger remains in the hospital in critical condition. Just two weeks previously, Hogan was cited for speeding 82 MPH in a 45 MPH zone.

More Details On Nick Hogan’s Crash + Could Hulk Hogan Have Been Driving The Other Car??

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