Nick Aldis Reveals He Wanted To Leave TNA Even When He Was World Champion

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet where he revealed he wanted to leave TNA when he was World Champion.

Aldis did go on to wait until his contract officially came to an end, but he stated that he was telling people whilst he was the ‘top guy’ that he wanted to get out of the company.

“All the guys who were my friends at the time could vouch for this, I was telling them when I was the champion ‘I am out of here when my contract is up’. I was the world champion and I was saying I am out of here when my contracts up I’m done. Once I saw that all that’s going to happen here is my value is going to continue to slip, so I was saying then I am out of here, I’ll figure something else out.”

Aldis also went on to state that TNA failing to keep AJ Styles in the company played a huge impact on things for him. He felt that his push came after AJ’s departure, and it led to his relationship with management deteriorating as he didn’t have the experience of being the headline name.

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“They couldn’t get the deal done,” Aldis said. “That at the time felt like a huge loss and a real spiritual part of TNA had been ripped away and I became the poster boy for this dark period, I could feel it instantly, but I wasn’t mature enough to know how to deal with that. Instead of being like alright what should we do, I just started blaming everyone. I take full ownership of the deterioration of the relationship because I was put in this really difficult position with no experience with how to deal with that and no one to help.”

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