No celebration is complete without this popular Omani Halwa

MUSCAT: Why do food delivery apps in Oman have tie-ups with popular Halwa retailers? The answer is simple: No celebration is complete without a helping of the delicious silky smooth Omani halwa.


And Halwa sales soar particulary during Eid.


“There are different categories to distinguish this unique sweet dish. The addition of nuts renders a certain status to this dish, so also the packaging. For boxes that go as top-level corporate gifts, we use silver box containers and wrap them with special paper which are either hand-painted by well-known artistes or block printed with unique designs.” said Rehana Siddique, an Indian housewife from Hyderabad who runs a corporate gift concept store in partnership with her Omani friend.


Of late, a lot of Omani halwa retailers are also running a thriving production facilities of halwa. These companies have as their customers, hotel chains, fine-dining restaurants and wedding planners. Many leading hotel chains in Oman have a customary reception of greeting the guests with a plate of halwa.


A platter of the delicious dish is kept covered for guests to indulge in, along with hot unsweetened kahwa. The tradition of Halwa and Kahwa (Arabic Coffee) is an age-old custom among Omanis and it still continues.


Rashid Ahmed, known in Barka town as one of the best halwa-makers, says that Eid time is always a high-period for sales. “Barka is still a traditional place where celebrations are carried out in customary style. I have steady and loyal customers who have been ordering halwa during Eid and wedding times. This year’s sale seems better than last year.”


Mahmoud Al Hadidi, owner of popular retail outlet that has shops across Oman, says that the traditional halwa has undergone transformation to appeal to health-conscious people. “Making halwa with date pulp and adding a lot of nuts like pine and walnut have become common now. Many think this is healthier than using corn flour.”

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