No Mention Of Cena's Condition On ECW, More On 'World's Greatest Dad', USA #1

— Sans a video package of John Bradshaw Layfield’s attempt to crash an automobile into John Cena on Monday’s edition of Raw, there was no mention made of his condition and/or possible storyline murder by the announcers on Tuesday’s night edition of ECW. When the announcers were running down the card for next Sunday’s Great American Bash pay-per-view, they simply plugged Cena’s upcoming “New York City Parking Lot Brawl” match with JBL and added nothing else, acting as if nothing happened on Monday night. According to, Cena was simply “grazed” by the oncoming automobile and that he’s okay enough to fight Layfield at next Sunday’s pay-per-view. On another note, the video package that aired on ECW featured a camera shot not seen on Raw from inside the car that JBL struck, and as luck would have it, the owner of the vehicle just so happened to have a camera recording inside and precisely pointed in the direction of the forthcoming crash. On the other hand, perhaps JBL planted the camera inside the car because he wanted to videotape his own attempt at murder.

— As reported earlier, a Michigan man was arrested on Tuesday for attempting to meet what he thought was a 14-year-old girl for sex. When he was arrested, he just so happened to be wearing the WWE “World’s Greatest Dad” T-Shirt, which put on sale last month for their Father’s Day promotion. Due to the “World’s Greatest Dad” slogan on the WWE shirt, it looks like this story is going to be garnering some mainstream headlines. The Associated Press is now reporting the story, and has posted the article alongside a picture of the Internet predator sporting the WWE “World’s Greatest Dad” T-Shirt. You can check it out at this link.

— Thanks in large part to Monday Night Raw, the USA Network once again claimed the top spot in the prime-time cable network ratings race for the week of July 7-13. USA finished slightly ahead of the Disney Channel for the week. Spike TV, featuring TNA Impact, finished in seventeenth place. {Article link}

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