Oman: 10,000 riyal fine, 15 yeas in jail for sexually harassing children

Dubai: Oman’s Public Prosecution has warned of strict action against any kind of exploitation of children, including sexual abuse.


“Raping or sexually harassing children, pushing or force them to engage in any sexual activity, exploiting them in prostitution or encouraging them to have sex or take a photo of their private parts in whatever way are crimes punishable by imprisonment for a period up to 15 fifteen years and a fine of RO10,000,” the prosecution said.


It added that selling any forms of tobacco to children or exploiting them in places where it is produced, sold or promoted is prohibited under the child law.


The public prosecution noted that employing a child in activities or industries, which by their nature or due to the conditions under which they are carried out are likely to be harmful to his health, safety or eithical behaviour is prohibited as per the child law.

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