Oman: Earthquake reported in Bahla town

Muscat: An earthquake was reported in Bahla town around 180 kilometre away from the capital Muscat yesterday at 9.23 pm local time. With a magnitude of 2.1, it was monitored and reported by the Earthquake Monitoring Centre, Sultan Qaboos University through a tweet at 1.52am today.


The tweet mentioned that the epicenter of the earthquake was 27 kilometres away from Nizwa, which is a popular tourist town in Oman. Nizwa also serves as the base camp for those exploring the nearby Jebel Akhdar mountain ranges.



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The earthquake had a 5km deep epicenter, the effect of which was felt by several nearby areas. However no loss lives or property were reported.


Earthquake monitoring Center (EMC) is a national Omani research center located in Sultan Qaboos University, established in 2001 to record earthquakes locally, regionally and internationally.


Muscat FM, a leading Arabic FM channel in Oman has reported that Dr. Isra Al Hassan Director of Seismological Centre, Sultan Qaboos University as saying that 137 years ago, an earthquake happened in the exact same location.


On August 31st an earthquake of 5.1-magnitude earthquake was reported 340 kilometre away from Khasab, in southern Iran at 7:36 am local time as reported by @emcsquoman. The Twitter handle had also reported about another earthquake of 5.2 magnitude that happened on 25th August, in the Arabian Sea, approximately 570 kilometres away from Salalah at 11:15 am local time.


Many local residents had quickly taken to social media channels narrating their experience. One user mentioned that his daughter and sister cried out loud as they felt the ground rattling lightly and ran out while calling out for others in the house to rush outside. Another user said that his AC unit had fallen down in the impact.

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