Oman: Nine-year-old saves family from house fire

Muscat: A heroic nine-year-old boy is the talk of the town having saved his family from a house fire. Al Moatasem Al Shaqsi was watching TV at his home in Bahla town with his fourteen month old brother, when the fire broke out.


An alert Al Moatasem immediately sensed the danger and rushed to help his mother and his three siblings and shifted them to a safe zone.



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“My mom was washing clothes and my sisters were in some other parts of our house, when the fire happened,” explained the youngster to the radio station.


The fire was caused by an electric charger that was plugged in, as per Al Moatasem’s father’s account. Al Moatasem’s mother who is handicapped and unable to walk was pulled to safety by the child, who also saved his siblings. After ensuring his mother, sisters aged six and four, as well as the youngest of the siblings – 14-month old brother were all safe, Al Moatasem jumped over the garden wall to alert his neighbours and alsoflagged down a passing car for help.


The presence of mind of the boy and the help around ensured an ambulance came to their rescue in less than 30 minutes. His father mentioned that Al Moatasem had always been a responsible boy and was very protective of his family members. The family is now staying in Al Moatasem’s grandfather’s home as their house has had substantial damage due to the fire.


Social Media was full of praise for the young boy and mentioning how lucky his family members were to have someone like him in their midst. One user complimented the parents for his upbringing and the role of the mother in this effort despite her handicap and said that the child deserves all appreciation coming his way.

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