Paralympic tri squad aim to build on Rio success

Three weeks to the day since Vicky Holland crossed the line to take bronze, and with it GB’s first-ever women’s Olympic tri medal, the same blue carpet bore witness to yet more history making – Andy Lewis taking gold in the men’s PT2 category. As important and fantastic an achievement as this was, what made this more significant was that it occurred during triathlon’s Paralympic debut. The first time paratri has featured in any Paralympic Games.


Paratriathlon: the ultimate guide

Watching Lewis’ race unfold alongside the many and varied personal battles playing out along the Copacabana Beach, it seemed so normal, it just worked, of course the paratriathlon was at the Paralympics, why wouldn’t it have been? It belongs there, it’s an outstanding spectator sport – it thrills, it enthralls, it excites. 

And when your home team delivers medals it does all the above and more. 220 had the pleasure of spending two days in Loughborough last year, watching as the team went about its business of moulding a Paralympic-worthy team in their world-class training Hub.