Problems Between The Rock & WWE, Kofi Talks About Getting A Crew Together

– Following Monday’s RAW, Zack Ryder tweeted, “My ankle hurts…legit.”

– WWE United States champion Kofi Kingston tweeted after RAW, “I’m thinking I need to assemble a posse or something. This is getting ridiculous…”

As noted earlier, Kofi Kingston just became a father for the first time and thanked his Twitter followers for their support:

“But on a positive note, thanks for all the congratulations! Extremely happy to be a daddy!”

– A report at states that there is currently lot of tension between The Rock and WWE management, although neither side will admit it publicly. While The Rock always has his detractors in the WWE locker room, some people feel that The Rock didn’t do right by WWE during his most recent run.

It’s unclear exactly what the issue is, but it could have to do with The Rock not appearing on WWE television enough due to his busy schedule and not promoting WWE enough during his media appearances. That said, The Rock is still a valuable member of the WWE family and the general feeling is that things will eventually get worked out.

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