Rajah.com Mailbag – Edition #85

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From: Max Martinez

Why has WWE yet to induct Mr.T in Hall Of Fame?

Cewsh: We’ve actually gotten this question a number of times. As it turns out, WWE has extended the offer to Mr. T, (according to Mr. T,) and he rejected it. I’ll let the man explain why in his own words from an interview with UK’s Mirror in 2009:

“WWE asked me to be in the Hall of Fame and I turned it down. You know why? They put Pete Rose in the wrestling Hall of Fame. This guy can’t even get into his own Hall of Fame.”

So there you have it. Let’s pencil in Mr. T vs. Pete Rose for Wrestlemania 30.

You can read more of that interview here.

From: Justin

Layla seems sluty and rumors with her?

Cewsh: I assume that you’re asking who Layla is rumored to have slept with. She has been linked to Cody Rhodes in the Miz in the past, but when people recently thought she was dating one of the Uso Brothers, she mentioned on her Instagram account that she was single. Sorry to spoil your impression of her.

From: Mike

Do you think the John Cena and Sheamus injuries have been “best for business?” Personally I hope guys like Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Cody Rhodes can become this generation’s version of HHH, Stone Cold, and Rock that I grew up with.

Cewsh: Historically, wrestling promoters are very conservative. When they have a top star, or a collection of top stars, they won’t do anything to rock the boat of success unless they’re forced to through injury or circumstance. And throughout history there are plenty of examples of those situations giving opportunities to people, allowing them to become huge stars, including everyone from Steve Austin to Mitsuharu Misawa. So injuries to guys like John Cena can be very good for business. But in this case, I think that the booking they went with was pretty much what they were going to be doing regardless of whether Cena was there or not. It may have given Bryan a chance to shine alone a little more, but not much changed.

As for Sheamus, I think this break for his character could work wonders for him. Before the injury, he was suffering with a rotten gimmick and a lack of people to feud with, and a big return could be just what he needs to get some momentum going again. He’s become one of the top talents in the company, and I hope they handle his return well.


HHH you and your GOON squad will come to an end and the sooner the better in the past I have been a loyal viewer but that has come to an END thank God for the PVR least I can get threw the crap and watch the better matches

Look what you are passing on to the Public — You are a BULLY the next time Lester
gets his hands on you I hope He puts you away for a LONG LONG Time

Maybe C.M.Punk should get his hands on you in a cage Match that I would pay to see


From: Dark Water

What do you think is holding Titus o’neal back from breaking through the the ceiling because As i watch him I’m thinking to myself….. This guy has the look, the charisma, and the potential to be really good but something is holding him back.

What do you think?

Cewsh: I think the only thing holding him back is experience. Since he started teaming with Darren Young, he has gone from big green goof to charismatic powerhouse in a hurry. If he continues to improve, he’ll get his shot in due time.

From: Sally

A while back you had someone writing in to tell you how boring Cesaro is and how he takes up too much air time. I totally agree with that. You were a little sarcy in your response. Know him, do you? Anyway, this isn’t about skill or talent, it’s about guys who can’t get even a tiny reaction from the fans and shouldn’t be pushed so hard or seen so much. It’s funny how he was Swiss and now a real American, (with an Italian name) but still nothing going for him. I am willing to cmpromise on this, get rid of Cesaro and give all his air time to someone more deserving in Justin Gabriel. Justin has no gimmick either per se, but he does have a great rapport with the fans and he’s a great worker who deserves a push and definitely some wins in matches.
Plus he is way cuter.

I’m sure you will disagree but that’s the general consensus. Oh the irony of Zeb being a real American and so anti immigrant now working with one. And besides, isnt he Dutch?(sic). You’re welcome.

Cewsh: Sally says that Antonio Cesaro should be done away with and replaced with Justin Gabriel. This is our READER RESPONSE question for this edition. Do you agree with her? Disagree? Just follow this link to the forums and let us know where you stand:


From: Paulie

When will WWE bring back Brooke Adams and is she one of the next that is going to be released by TNA?

Cewsh: Well I haven’t heard any news one way or the other, but Brooke’s character has all but been written off the show after a brief run as the valet for former World Champion Bully Ray. So if TNA is looking to do more cuts, she could certainly be seen as being on the bubble. Unfortunately I’m not sure WWE would have a ton of interest, as she isn’t a mainstream name, and they have a developmental territory overflowing with younger, more talented women.

From: Kelly

As we sit and talk about the old days of wrestling, the one name that comes up more than anybody is that of King Kong Bundy. Despite the untrue rumor he died, what is he doing these days?

Cewsh: In recent years he’s tried his hand at stand up comedy and acting. If you want to keep up with him and try to catch one of his shows, you can follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealKKBundy

From: TC

Hey Cew I got two for you

1. With TNA losing talent and low ratings, Do you think the company will be
shut down/bought or something otherwise?

2. Do you personally think WWE will return to TV14 within the next 5-10


1. Rumors have run hot and heavy the past few months about TNA being up for sale. Everyone from Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins to Ted Turner have been randomly mentioned as potential suitors, but the two buyers that make the most business sense are WWE and Spike TV. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest to see either one take over some time in the next year.

2. That’s a tough one to forecast, but personally I don’t think they’ll ever return to that kind of product, barring some kind of company collapse. WWE is a corporation now, and family friendly entertainment is their goal. A change to that would reflect a change in philosophy company wide that just isn’t likely without a complete regime change.

From: Angelo

Of the current acknowledged titles in WWE (Tag Team, U.S., IC, World and WWE) how many Wrestlers have actually held ALL 5 of these titles?

I know there are “triple Crown winners… But was curious.

Cewsh: Here’s the list:

Kurt Angle

That’s the whole list. And that’s only if you count the WCW version of the US title that was active during the Invasion. If you restrict it to the United States title since it’s reintroduction in 2003, then nobody can lay claim to that honor.

Now, if we’re talking of people who are CLOSE, then the list of active wrestlers in contention looks like this:

Dolph Ziggler (needs WWE Championship)
Booker T (needs WWE Championship)
The Miz (needs World Championship)
John Cena (needs Intercontinental Championship)
Rey Mysterio (needs United States Championship)
CM Punk (needs United States Championship)
Jeff Hardy (needs United States Championship)
Randy Orton (needs United States Championship)
Rob Van Dam (needs United States Championship)
Chris Jericho (needs United States Championship)
Kane (needs United States Championship)
Triple H (needs United States Championship)
The Rock (needs United States Championship)

From: Aaron

I was a huge fan of Johnny Polo as a manager, and I thought he was really great as a commentator (reminded me of Heenan) any idea on why the character didn’t very long/catch on?

Cewsh: According to Raven’s shoot interviews, the character wasn’t ever meant to be a top act. Shortly into his tenure with WWE, they tried to convert him to a backstage employee, writing the B shows, and being groomed for a full time writer position. Also according to Raven, his friendship with Shane McMahon and their, um, indiscretions worked against him and he just wasn’t the corporate type. Hence he, and the character of Johnny Polo, moved on.

From: Jaidyn

Is Randy Orton dating JoJo? A lot of people are going crazy over the photo of the two of them together and the fact that he is only following her on Twitter.

Cewsh: WWE has internally denied the rumor, but many people have linked the two recently, with some suggesting that WWE may be suppressing the news as they plan to have that relationship be a surprise part of the next season of Total Divas. Time will tell on that one.

From: Dirk Dildow

How many more WWW members are gay or lesbian? Maybe they can spin them off into their own show that we can turn off!!

Cewsh: Most members of the Worldwide Willy Worshipers are indeed gay, though I suspect very few are lesbians.

From: Celifubiac

Where’s the best place to get my hands on Indy wrestling DVD’s? I am a huge fan of Antonio Cesaro, but I’m always hearing “you should see his indy stuff” and I feel out of the loop. Also is there any chance WWE brings an NXT tvTV show out anytime soon? Thanks you guys are super good #1

Cewsh: I get all of my Indy DVDs from Smart Mark Video, and I recommend that you do too. They’re good people.

And if they want to kick me some free swag for saying so, then that’s just the grease that keeps the wheels of capitalism running smooth.

You can find them here: http://www.smartmarkvideo.com/

From: Jose Garcia

why does wwe don’t have any good star from Puerto rico ass (el gran apolo that been in the tna,and the wwe and ricky banderas know as el mesias back in mexico I really don’t know why wwe don’t look at this star

Cewsh: As to WWE not having Puerto Ricans, they have two members of the famous Colon family from Puerto Rico on the roster at the moment, though they are playing Matadors so you would be forgiven for not recognizing them. As for Apolo and Banderas, they’ve both been looked at by TNA, but both men are too old and of questionable value these days, so it wouldn’t make much sense for WWE to bring them in.

From: Joseph Cox

I have been watching footage on “Showtime” Eric Young from TNA. Has WWE showed any interest in this guy? The dude has personality and Is explosIve in the ring.

Cewsh: Eric Young is built into the TNA bedrock. If TNA gave up on doing wrestling shows tomorrow and turned into a pizza place, he’d be tossing dough in the back.

From: Brian

Has Chavo had total hair restoration over the years???? In the WCW his hair line was at the 1/2 point… in the WWE it started to come back… in TNA it seems he has his hairline back???

Cewsh: I have no idea, but this is the most that I have ever laughed at any submitted question.

From: David

I have seen you answer the question, “Who would you fire from the WWE?”, but I would like to know what 5 performers would you like to see return to the WWE?


Chris Masters
John Morrison
Elijah Burke

Those are the people I think could really have something to add to the shows if they came back. Obviously, if I can pick ANYONE, then Bobby Lashley will be back with gold around his waist faster than you can say, “Lame.”

From: Mannan

1st Love ur site visiting since 2006. Now my question. Is there any chance sting coming to wwe to face undertaker at wrestlemania? And who is better wrestle (not entertainer) Undertaker or Sting?

Cewsh: There is a SMALL chance, and both men have expressed a desire to have that match. But each year that passes makes it less and less likely.

As for who is the better wrestler, I’ll have to give a cop out answer. Sting was better in the 80s and 90s, the Undertaker has been better in the new century.

From: Brandon

How does buried alive match work?? Like how does the person get out of the grave before they dump all of the dirt inside of it

Cewsh: It’s an old magician’s trick. After the wrestler is thrown into the hole, they open a door built into the side of the pit, which leads under the stage. After they’re clear the dirt is lowered and the wrestler stays underneath the stage until the crowd has cleared out after the show.

If you have a wrestling or site related question you would like answered, you can send it in to the Mailbag by clicking HERE (please select the “Mailbag” drop-down).

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