Raven Gone From TNA?, TNA House Show In Kentucky, WWE Mentions TNA PPV

– According to Mike Johnson of the Professional Wrestling Insider, there is no truth to rumors that Raven has left TNA Wrestling.

– TNA has announced that they will hold a house show at the Eastern Kentucky Expo Center in Pikeville, Kentucky on Friday, March 14th.

Reader Charlie sent this… WWE is sending Royal Rumble questionnaires, via e-mail, out to all of their WWE.com Newsletter subscribers. The questions ask about thoughts on the PPV, how you ordered, thoughts on gimmick PPVs and specialty matches and backstage entertainment, as well as other stuff. One question asks, Which of the following recent pay-per-events did you order?

WWE Armageddon (December 16, 2007)
TNA: Final Resolution (January 6, 2008)
Boxing: Trinidad vs. Jones Jr. (January 19, 2008)
UFC 80: Rapid Fire (January 19, 2008)

I thought it was slightly interesting to include TNA PPVs on the list.

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