RAW Report 7/26/10 San Antonio, Texas

RAW this week starts with video of Nexus beating down Edge and Jericho. Cena teased joining next. Cena out facing them down, then calling his team to join them.

Cena’s music and he comes out to the ring. King says he feels like standing up and applauding Cena. After the music end there’s a lot of noise and much of it is heat. Sounds about half and half. Then the cheering gets louder. He said things are bigger in Texas. Seven weeks ago a group called Nexus, without any warning at all, came in and took over. Commentators, legends, cameramen. They’re doing it for reasons only known to them. Until last Monday, the RAW superstars said they had enough. Friends, enemies, doesn’t matter. They stood in the ring with one common goal. At SummerSlam, they face Nexus. At SummerSlam they beat Nexus. At SummerSlam they end Nexus! The fans like this. Cena says they’ve been running RAW because people think they invincible. At SummerSlam they defeat Nexus and show they’re not invincible. It’s about time because the more they terrorize RAW, them more power they get. With more power is more influence. With more influence they can take over the show. That will be the end of RAW. He’s not saying it’s going to be easy. They’re not the Super Friends. He’s not Superman (lol). He thinks he’s more of an Aquaman. Jericho and Edge are not Batman and Robin. Even the thought of Khali running around in Wonder Woman’s outfit, it’s just wrong. He photoshopped it. It was very, very disturbing. They don’t have to be the Justice League. Everyone on this team was chosen for a reason and he promises that at SummerSlam his team will hit the ring and Nexus will know… Jericho’s music cuts him off. Jericho out in a dark suit, dark shirt, lighter stripped tie. Cena says Jericho is on that SummerSlam team. “Y2J” chants fill the arena. Jericho says he was standing backstage, waiting, counting the minutes for Cena to say what he knew Cena would say, ‘my team’. Jericho’s on Cena’s team. All week long people have said they’re so happy he’s on Cena’s team. That he saw the light and found it in him to change his ways. Jericho wants to make it clear, to Cena and they hypocrites. He didn’t get involved in this to be a part of Cena’s team, to bask in the glory of a hero or to pander to a group of parasites. He got involved with this because of Nexus and Wade. He molded and shaped him to make Nexus. He knows Wade and Nexus better than Cena and is more qualified to lead this team. Therefore it’s his team, not Cena’s. Cena says fine. The team’s sold to Jericho for a low price. Call them whatever he wants. Alabaster Soft Shoes. Jumbo And The Tugboats. Chris Jericho And The Mudville Six. The Liontamers. Fozzy-A-Thon. You know why? He doesn’t care, just wants to beat Nexus. Jericho tells Cena to not patronize him, denigrate him with his sarcasm. This team lives and dies on his whims. They do what he says, what he wants to do, follow what he… Cena knocks the mic from Jericho’s hand. “Cena” chants! Cena says to get this straight. It ain’t about Jericho or Cena. It’s about this damn business. They took over the company. They get to whoever they want. Jericho does this because he loves the business. Does Jericho understand? He’s a man, time for gut check time. It’s the fourth quarter, time for a hail Mary, they have to do things they don’t do, coexist. Yes, Jericho knows Wade. Jericho is essential to this team, Cena will say it. Jericho thinks about this. “Y2J” chants seem to piss him off. Jericho grabs his mic and tells Cena never to knock the mic from his hand again. Second, he knows how essential he is and he’s the only chance the team has, having Jericho fighting beside Cena. But he knows more than Cena. He knows Nexus is a threat, but there’s a bigger threat and that’s Cena. Jericho says Cena’s more like Nexus than he thinks. He interrupts, says what he wants and does what he wants, but he does it with the support of these drones. Dances like a puppet on a string. After Nexus is gone fore good, Jericho’s going after Cena, to get rid of him. Either he’ll do it with his team or by himself, but he’ll do it. Does Cena understand. Cena says he’s standing right there and throws his mic down. Ding-Ding! Cena pulls his hat off and slams it down on the mat. Cole calls for attention and gets heat. “Cena, Jericho, your match against Nexus will be an Elimination Match. The team that removes all of the other team, wins. In a preview of SummerSlam, Nexus will face seven RAW superstars in an Elimination Match tonight. Their match at SummerSlam is all about teamwork. Let’s see how Cena and Jericho function as a team against opponents if GM’s choosing. If you’re not down with that, I have two words for you…”

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Slam Of The Week – Last week Sheamus beat Evan. Miz into the ring and hit the SCF on Sheamus, onto his case. Miz said he wanted to cash in. R-Truth came running out. Miz changed his mind and fled.

Sheamus out to the ring. Someone had a Beaker (The Muppet Show) drawing on a poster to represent Sheamus. He’s out there to scout his SummerSlam opponent. Orton out to the ring. Video of last week’s Triple Threat. Orton landed an RKO on Jericho, then on Edge to win the match. Orton poses on a corner.

Match #1 – Randy Orton Vs. Jey Uso w/ Jimmy Uso & Tamina

They lock up. Shoulder block to Jey. Orton stares at Sheamus. Punches to Jey. Orton slingshots Jey up into the bottom rope while staring at Sheamus. Jey tries to flee but Orton pulls him up on the apron and forearms to his chest. Jey hangs Orton up and in with punches. Jey takes Orton down for two. Chinlock on Orton. Orton up and punche sout. They exchange blows. Orton gains the upper hand and hard punches drops Jey. Fast scoop slam to Jey. Jimmy on the apron gets punched off. Orton’s DDT through the ropes. Orton sets up and strikes with the RKO for three.

winner – Randy Orton

Orton motions for Sheamus to come into the ring. Jimmy attacks Orton from behind. Orton regains himself and starts to work Jimmy. Sheamus in behind Orton. Orton ducks and Jimmy gets Sheamus’ big boot. RKO to Sheamus. “Awesome!” and Miz runs out with a ref. Miz is cashing in. the ref holds Miz back. The ref waits for Sheamus to get to his feet (a new one). Orton in and nails Miz with an RKO. When Orton gets to his feet he cusses like a drunken sailor with VD! I’m sure VKM won’t be happy that those words were caught on HD. Video of Orton’s attack on Miz. Orton poses in a corner.

Backstage Edge says on the one hand he can’t wait for SummerSlam and get back at Nexus. On the other he wished you (Ted) was on his team. Camera opens up to show Ted and Maryse. Cena told him he had this great plan. Yes, Khali’s great and powerful, but he’s clumsy, uncoordinated and not that bright. Maryse says they can’t understand him when he talks, then she speaks in French. Ted says after his match maybe Cena will realize Khali and Morrison shouldn’t be on the team. Edge agrees. Otherwise he’ll have to force Cena’s hand and take Khali out himself. Edge walks off, right past Singh who heard it all.

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In the ring Miz and Sheamus are arguing off mic. Ding-Ding. Cole says he’s received another manager from the… another email from the GM. “I found the team to challenge Jericho and Cena. It will be the Miz and Sheamus. Good luck gentlemen.” Miz and Sheamus are pissed.

King and Cole talk about heading to SummerSlam. There’s so many great SummerSlam moments.

SummerSlam Rcall – 1988 Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake couldn’t’ face The Honky Tonk Man. Honky said to send anyone. It was Macho Man Randy Savage who easily beat Honky for the IC Title.

Edge on his cell, says people are seeing it his way. Khali in, Singh behind him and said he heard it all and told Khali. Edge says he didn’t say that and has nothing but respect for Khali. Edge tells Singh to translate. Khali speaks, Singh says that Khali thinks Edge is obnoxious, delusional and complete nincompoop. Khali challenges Edge to a match now. Edge says fine and if Edge beats Khali, he’s off the team, translate that!

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Khali out to the ring. Singh in tow. Cole says he got word from the GM that King is going to be part of the 7 man team facing Nexus tonight in the Elimination Match. King has gone backstage to prepare. Edge out to face. Edge removes his shirt on the ramp and slides in looking nervous.

Match #2 – Khali w/ Singh Vs. Edge

Khali shambles toward Edge. Edge ducks and slaps Khali. Khali grabs Edge by the throat and throws him into a corner. Chop to Edge. Edge is whipped to the other corner. Edge pulled up, throws some punches but is pulled into a clothesline. Khali calls for pop. Khali drops a leg but Edge moved. Nexus out to the ring. Edge flees the area. Nexus surrounds ring, then up on the apron, then in surrounding Khali. “Khali” chants. Slowly Nexus backs off. Khali is free to leave the ring and does. Khali leave the ring, but stares them up and down as he backs up the ramp. They stare back.

Backstage Evan, Henry, Yoshi, Goldust, Natalya, Smith, Kidd and King head for the ring to face Nexus.

– Commercial

Nexus is in the ring. The RAW Seven out to the ring. They all get in facing Nexus.

Match #3 – Elimination Match – King, Kidd, Smith, Evan, Henry, Yoshi, Goldust & Evan Vs. Nexus

Yoshi and Tarver in and fighting. Yoshi backed into a corner but comes out chopping. Yoshi at Tarver with kicks. Yoshi whipped, gets his feet up. Yoshi comes out of the corner, is slammed and pinned for three.
Eliminated – Yoshi

Video of the elimination. Evan in with Tarver. Evan whipped into the heel corner and Gabriel tags in. They double team Evan and send him flying. King tags in. punches to Gabriel. Dropkick to Gabriel. King up the second rope and comes off with a flying punch in what Cole calls ‘vintage’ Lawler. King covers for two. Wade pulls Gabriel out of the ring and pulls them into a huddle.

– Commercial

Eliminated – King

Kidd has headlock on Slater. Kidd stomps Slater hard in the face corner. Smith in with a sick inverted suplex, but Slater kicks out at two. Backbreaker on Slater. Leg drop from Smith. Slater into a corner, stomped there. Slater punched into the corner, then whipped into another, but gets a foot up. Smith back on Slater hard. Nexus distracts Smith and Slater hits a code breaker type more on Smith for three.

Eliminated – Smith

Goldust into the ring, facing Slater. “Goldust” chants. High knee from Slater. Goldust comes back with an elbow and atomic drop. Punch to Slater. Goldust is limping. Otunga tags in. Goldust comes back with an upper cut. Young trips Goldust from ouside. Otunga slams Goldust down and pins for three.

Eliminated – Goldust

Henry in, raises Otunga high, then drops him. Otunga slammed into his own corner. Slater tags in and is tossed around the ring. He dives for his corner. Darren tags in, get tossed around and tags out. Skip in and yelling smack at Henry. Punches on Henry. Skip tries to rush Henry but was slammed down. Another slam and Skip rolls over. Henry pulls Gabriel in, sends him into a corner, a splash. Skip at Henry with a clothesline and pins Henry for three.

Eliminated – Henry

Video of Henry’s pin. Skip runs for the face corner and is kicked by both Kidd and Evan in the face. Kidd flies in from the top rope and into a clothesline. Darren in, slams Kidd down and pins for three.

Eliminated – Kidd

Wade steps in with a smile. Video of Kidd eating it. Evan in, ducks a clothesline and nails Wade in the face with a high knee. Evan goes over and attacks each of Nexus in turn. Evan was grabbed and attacked by Nexus. Wade hit his slam on Evan for three.

Eliminated – Evan

Winners – Nexus

They stand around Evan and pose. Then they pull Evan up for Skip to clothesline. Otunga slams Evan to the mat while smiling. Wade drags Evan over and Gabriel hits his 450. Both Gabriel and Evan are sore after that one. Video of Wade’s pin over Evan and then continuing attack. Cole asks if this will be the face of the RAW stars at SummerSlam. Wade says they just witnessed an act of total domination. Nexus has always been 100% behind a common purpose. Cena’s Team, or Jericho’s Team? The cracks are already starting to show. Crack caused by individual egos and agendas. “You suck” chants fill the arena. Wade assures that those cracks will destroy the very foundation of the team. Skip takes the mic and says Cena’s team is individuals – and can barely get the words out correctly and in the right order. He says that unlike Nexus, they don’t have a singular focus. No member of the team is willing to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the group like they would do and hand done. What they’re looking at is Nexus and they are unbreakable. Tarver grabs the mic and SummerSlam will be no different than tonight. They’ll eliminate them all until the last and he hopes it’s Cena. They’ll treat him like a piece of meat until they tear him apart and have their fill. Then it will be over, in more ways than one. They line up in the ring, all so proud of themselves. They leave the ring and head up the ramp, Wade the last of them, soaking up the heat.

– Commercial

Backstage Miz is thinking. Sheamus walks in and they glare, nose to nose. Sheamus says it’s two weeks in a row he tries to cash in when Sheamus’ most valuable. He’s dreaming. There’s no way Miz can beat him. Miz nods. Sheamus says to name the time and place and he’ll leave Miz black and blue. Miz says tonight, after their match. After the bell when Sheamus is thrown back into the ring. Cena hits and AA and Jericho locks on the walls. When Sheamus says he can’t take it any more fella. Miz will cash it in, hitting the SCF and pin Sheamus. Sheamus tells Miz he’s pushing it and will regret it. Sheamus punches the case out of Miz’s hand and stomps off.

– Commercial

The Bella Twins to the ring in matching blue outfits. Brie’s the one wrestling. Fox out in gold and black to face her.

Match #4 – Brie Bella Vs. Fox

Fox kicks Brie, then throws her in a corner. Brie slammed back into the corner again. Brie whipped into another corner and stomped. The ref makes Fox back off. The twins try to swap, but Jillian is out there to stop them. Fox’s scissor kick and she pins for three.

Winner – Alicia Fox

Jillian in and congratulates Fox. The twins got what they deserve. She has a gift for Fox, she’s going to sing. Jillian sings, but Fox kicks her and then a scissor kick to Jillian. Fox leaves the ring, steps over Brie, then up the ramp holding her strap high.

– Commercial

R-Truth ringside singing and getting the fans pumped again after that Divas Match. Cheap pop from R-Truth and they’re wild. R-Truth sits at announce. Ted out with Maryse on his arm. Video of Eve beating Maryse, even thought Maryse had her foot on the ropes. Ted got pissy. Morrison out and took Ted apart. Morrison out in slo-mo as King talks about Morrison being on the cover of Muscle & Fitness.

Match #5 – Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse Vs. John Morrison

They lock up, Morrison backed into a corner. At announce they got talking about Maryse. R-Truth says he’s out there to support Morrison and that’s it. Maryse grabs Morrison’s ankle, distracting him so Ted can attack. Ted stomps Morrison down in a corner. Morrison rolls out and Ted on him with punches. Ted pins for two, then grinds on Morrison’s face with the side of his arm. Ted pins Morrison for two. Headlock on Morrison in the center of the ring. Morrison punches out, but Ted punches back. Ted gets nasty verbally and Morrison fought back with sick punches and then a dropkick. Morrison rushes Ted in a corner, but Ted gets a foot up. Morrison nails Ted with an enziguri. Maryse up on the apron to distract, so R-Truth to his feet. Ted pins Morrison, feet up on the second rope. R-Truth pushes Ted’s feet off the ropes. Ted pie faces R-Truth through the ropes. Ted nails a drop toe hold, sending Morrison face first into R-Truth on the apron. Ted pins for three.

Winner – Ted DiBiase

Ted and Maryse flee laughing while R-Truth rushes the ring. R-Truth and Morrison get in a screaming match in the ring. Morrison stomps off, told R-Truth he’s better than that. Video of what happened between them all. They watched on the tron and continued arguing on the ramp. Backstage Cena watched the argument, obviously upset. On his monitor R-Truth was yelling it was all R-Truth’s fault, trying to make things right.

– Commercial

Video from last Monday – Nexus in the ring waiting for Cena. They talk, Cena won’t join them. Then Cena shows that he’s put together a team for SummerSlam. They rushed the ring and Nexus fled.

Cole says Nexus looked great earlier, but RAW’s team is eroding.

Backstage Josh is with Orton. Josh says Orton stopped Miz from cashing in. Does he want to face Sheamus over the Miz? Orton says what he missed is that Orton did the same to Sheamus before he did it to the Miz. He very clear. It doesn’t matter who walks in SummerSlam as Champion, because they’ll get the RKO and he’ll walk out Champion.

Miz out to the ring, showing off his case the whole time.

– Commercial

Sheamus out to join Miz. Video of Jimmy attacking Orton. Orton ducked Sheamus and nailed an RKO on him. Miz out to cash in. Orton then nailed Miz with an RKO. Miz and Sheamus arguing as Jericho’s music starts. Jericho walks out looking like his poo has no odor. He watches Sheamus and Miz closely as he gets in the ring. Jericho stares at them, keeping a close eye on them. Cena comes out in his normal way, then stares Sheamus and Miz down after he slides in the ring. His hat and shirt go out to the fans, his tags to the ref.

Match #6 – Miz & Sheamus Vs. Jericho and Cena

The bell rings. Both teams argue over who will start the match. It keeps going and going until Miz tries for a cheap shot on Cena and ends up eating a corner. Miz into another corner and then a bulldog. Miz rolls out of the ring. “Cena” chants. Miz slaps Sheamus’ chest and yells at him to get in there. They lock up. Side headlock on Cena. Cena breaks free and locks it on Sheamus. Shoulder block drops Sheamus. Sheamus backs into the face corner and Jericho takes the tag. Jericho in, Sheamus punches Jericho into a corner. “Y2J” chants. Jericho fights back. Sheamus runs into a dropkick. Jericho lands another low dropkick and chokes Sheamus in a corner. Punches on Jericho, then he holds the ropes to avoid another punch. Jericho pulls the ropes low, sending Sheamus flying from the ring. Miz down on the floor screaming at Sheamus. Sheamus yells at Miz to get out of his face.

– Commercial

Punches to Sheamus from Cena. Sheamus clothelsines Cena. The ref yells at Miz to back off. A tag to Miz. Cena punches at Miz, then a fishermens suplex for two. Miz backed into the face corner. Jericho tags in. Jericho punches Miz who drops holding his nose. Miz telegraphs and Jericho goes over him to pull Miz down. Jericho tries to lock on the walls. Sheamus tries to clothesline Jericho from the apron. Jericho ducks and slingshots off the second rope to dropkick Sheamus from the apron. This gave Miz the time to regroup and kick Jericho in the face. Miz punches Jericho down. Jericho into a corner, then Miz stomps him. Sheamus tags in and helps. The ref pulls Sheamus back. Sheamus shows off. Behind the ref’s back Miz chokes Jericho. Clothesline to Jericho for two. Arm bar / chin hold on Jericho. Jericho fights to his feet and free. Punch to Sheamus, but then Jericho walks into a backbreaker for two. Sheamus looks tweaked that Jericho kicked out. Punches to Jericho’s head. Jericho elbows, but Sheamus’ is too much.

Miz tags in and works Jericho with elbows over his shoulders to his chest. Miz chokes Jericho on the second rope, then Miz slams down on Jericho’s back for two. Jericho kicks Miz in the chin. Jericho comes off the corner with a big dropkick. Sheamus tags in and stops Jericho from tagging out. Cena calls for Jericho to fight Sheamus’ chinlock. Jericho elbows out, but is slammed into the heel corner. Miz tags in. Jericho slammed into another corner. Miz punches Jericho down in a corner. The ref backs Miz off. Miz screams back. Miz runs at Jericho, but Jericho moves and Miz lands painfully in the corner. Jericho gives Cena the hot tag. Sheamus in, but is nothing for Cena. Cole says it‘s ‘vintage’ Cena. Five Knuckle Shuffle to Sheamus. Jericho in with a code breaker on Cena. Miz steals a tag from Sheamus and runs in to pin Cena for three.

Winners – Sheamus & Miz

Jericho stands there glaring at Cena. Miz grabs his belt and case, leaving with a smile. Jericho back in to the ring. Jericho locks on the walls. Cena rolls out and locks on the STF. Khali in and pulls Cena up. Khali tries to talk some sense into Cena. Edge is in and spears Khali. Cena demands an answer from Edge. Morrison and R-Truth in, all arguing. Pushing each other around, yelling, pissed off. Khali chopped Morrison in the head. Then Edge got a chop. R-Truth and Cena tries to stop Khali. Jericho is screaming and yelling at everyone as Cena tells them all to stop. Where’s Bret?

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Most heat
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