RAW Report 9/7/09 Chicago, Illinois

RAW this week starts with announcing – I think by Finkel – for the Price Is RAW, Bob Barker. They play the Price Is Right theme music and he comes out to a podium on the stage. Looks like Contestant’s Row is all set up, facing the stage. He takes an old fashioned – with the thin handle and cord – mic that he used all those years on the show and thanks everyone for the huge pop he gets. He says he wished he had a refrigerator for everyone one of them. The fans go wild for him. He says it’s a splendid welcome. He says it tells him they’re really going to party tonight. He said they’re his type of people. More pop for him. They’re the folks who have kept him working in TV for more than half a century and he loves them for it. If it wasn’t for them he’d have had to get a job. Tonight he’s there to play a pricing game. But he needs contestants. He says his announcer for tonight is Howard Finkel and asks him to get contestants for him. Finkel calls down Santino Marella. Santino runs through the crowd, real Price Is Right name tag on, and falls on his face going over the barrier. Then Finkel calls out Jillian Hall and she easily bounces over the barrier. Finkel then calls Irwin R. Schyster. I.R.S., in full garb is a bit heavier, gets up and heads for Contestant’s Row. Jericho is the last name called. The camera looks all over for him, but nothing. He doesn’t show. Bob Barker finally sees Jericho coming from out back. Jericho walks very slowly to Contestant’s Row. He’s in his tights and has the name tag stuck to his bare chest. Bob Barker says he’s walking slow for the TV time and wants everyone to know he’s there. Jericho has a HUGE scowl on his face. Bob Barker tells Jericho to get down there. Bob Barker has Finkel announce what they’re bidding on. It’s the Best of SD! DVD. He tells all about it and says it comes out September 15th. But can be your’s if the Price Is RAW! Eve is the Barker Beauty. Bob Barker says the one who bids closest without going over. Santino giggles crazily. He’s so excited and wants to buy a vowel. Bob Barker tells him he’s been body slammed too many times and asks what he means buy a vowel? There’s no Vanna White and no vowels. Santino says he’s not good with numbers and looks to the fans. He bid 1,465 American style dollars. The price pops up in front of him as it would have on TPIR. The font is even right. Bob Barker says he doesn’t think Santino’s overbid. He asks Jillian for a better bid. She says she’s a great fan and wants to sing. She does. Bob Barker says he loves her singing, but he’s tone deaf. He has her sing her bid. She bids $75. Bob Barker goes on to I.R.S. and he asks if this includes taxes. Bob Barker says this isn’t about takes and they don’t count. I.R.S. says everyone has to pay their taxes. I.R.S. bids $50, including taxes. Bob Barker moveson to Jericho and calls him ‘happy boy’. He asks if Jericho is awake and says he’s in a hypnotic state. Jericho up on stage and in Bob Barker’s face. Bob Barker says Jericho’s mother wouldn’t be proud of how he’s behaving. Bob Barker comments when Jericho actually starts talking. Then starts pouting and says Jericho is being naughty. Jericho tells him to watch him mouth and calls him ‘old man’. Jericho says no one calls him Chris. Jericho demands respect. Bob Barker says he’s respectfully asking for his bid. he says booing encourages him. Bob Barker needs to call him Mr. Jericho. Bob Barker needs to pander to him and show him respect. Bob Barker asks why. Jericho says he’s the best a what he does. Bob Barker says that’s debatable. Jericho says he’s one half… Bob Barker jumps on that and says one! Jericho’s bid is one. Bob Barker tells Jericho to get off the stage. One dollar shows up in Jericho’s spot. Jericho rips off his name tag. Bob Barker tells him to pick up his name tag and be a good boy. He tells him he doesn’t want to have to put Jericho over his knee. Bob Barker says the price is $18.90 and Jericho wins. He sends Jericho to the ring and Jericho might win something else. Finkel announces a fabulous five day trip to Hawaii. Jericho is sent to the ring. Bob Barker says if Jericho beats his opponent he’s on his way to Hawaii. MVP comes out to face Jericho. MVP says hello to Bob Barker before heading to the ring.

They lock up, Jericho in control of the holds as they chain wrestle a bit. Hammerlock on the mat and Jericho talks smack. MVP reverses the hold into a chinlock. Jericho reverses it into a side headlock. Shoulder block to MVP. The camera zooms in on Jericho and I notice that he has some stitches in his left eyebrow, closer to his nose than the outside. Not much, just a couple. Jericho runs into a clothesline. Forearms to Jericho in a corner. Shoulder blocks to Jericho, but then he fights back. “MVP” chants. MVP takes Jericho down with a drop toe hold then a low clothesline to a kneeling Jericho. Jericho sends MVP over the top, but he lands on the apron. MVP pulls the top rope down sending Jericho flying from the ring.

– Commercial

Headlock on MVP in the center of the ring. MVP out but then sends MVP through the ropes and out. Jericho poses and acts all big in the ring. Jericho rolls out and grabs MVP. MVP face first into the barrier and then rolled back into the ring. Light kicks to MVP’s face to prove how strong he is. MVP fights back, but then is whipped. Jericho drops an elbow and pins. Jericho gets pissed as the ref won’t count. The ref yells that MVP’s shoulder weren’t down and he wouldn’t count. The ref didn’t notice Jericho’s foot on the ropes! MVP kicks Jericho in the head while MVP’s still down. Jericho kicks MVP while he’s down. Jericho gets MVP to his feet but MVP grabs Jericho and rolls him up quickly for two. A blow to the back of MVP’s head for two. Headlock on MVP. “MVP” chants but a few people yelling “Christina!” MVP grabs Jericho and rolls him up for two. MVP fights back with clotheslines. Forearms to Jericho in a corner. MVP is whipped but gets a back elbow up into Jericho’s face. Clothesline to Jericho for two. MVP telegraphs and gets kicked for it. Bulldog to MVP and Jericho poses as he takes his time. Lionsault but MVP moves and Jericho lands on his feet. Jaw buster to Jericho. MVP goes ballin’ but Jericho counters and locks on the walls. MVP about to tap… MVP somehow wiggles in and rolls Jericho up for two. MVP takes Jericho down for two. Jericho reverses a playmaker. MVP reverses the codebreaker and rolls Jericho up for three.

– Winner: MVP

Jericho looks lost and shocked at MVP celebrates in the ring. Jericho pitches a small fit. Video replay of the end of the match where MVP saves himself from the codebreaker by holding the top rope. Jericho whimpers as he walks up the ramp.

Cole and King talk about BP. Cole goes on about the problems between Cena and Orton. He talks about last week with Dusty Rhodes in charge. Video of Dusty making the match between Cody and Orton with Cena as the Special Guest Ref. Dusty says there’s nothing a father wouldn’t do for his son. But then when the match Dusty turns on Cena and Legacy, including Orton, beat the hell out of Cena. Dusty hits Cena over the head with his cowboy boot. Cole then says Cody will be facing Cena tonight.

– Commercial

Bob Barker with Kelly out back. She asks him about Bob Barker’s book and how all the proceeds go to the DJ&T Foudation. She asks what that is. He explains that it’s for his passed wife Dorothy Jo and his mother his mother, Matilda, who was called Tilly. It subsidizes spay and neutering of dog all over the country. Suddenly DX is there flanking Kelly who glows at their arrival. HHH says they’re huge fans. HHH he talks about Bob Barker beating Sandler in that movie. HBK talks about Ted and Cody and asks about how to get one spayed or neutered. Bob Barker says he knows they feel this way, but they get their chance at them this Sunday. How about a spin on the wheel? HBK says this isn’t a game show, this is their livelihood. Then HHH asks how this works. Kelly says they push a button on the table and a computerized wheel comes up on the screen with all the superstars on it. They will spin twice as there’s two of them. Who comes up is who they will face. HBK goes on an on about how important this is to them. Bob Barker says he’s made his point, but to spin it. Bob Barker is a bit harsh about it. HBK gets Masterpiece. HHH says that even with the new hair plugs, it’s a bad spin. I think he was picking on Masterpiece’s picture. HHH’s turn. HBK asks if HHH could do better. HHH says his spin is better. HBK says it didn’t even go around once. HHH gets Orton. HBK says he thinks they can make this work. They leave but then HHH pops back and says they’ll be back for The Showcase Showdown later, of course with that goofy grin on his face. Bob Barker was laughing away at HHH.

– Commercial
Sludge Slam – Hornswoggle and Chavo last week. Chavo in the cow suit. Evan came out and helped Hornswoggle.

Chavo in the ring. Bob Barker on the tron. He says if Chavo wins, he can win this. Finkel announces a new car. A Chevy Corvette convertible in red with black leather interior. The Bella Twins were the Beauties for the car. Evan Bourne comes out to face Chavo. The fans go wild for him.

They lock up and struggle around. Chavo backed into a corner. The ref breaks but Chavo doesn’t go clean. Evan bounced face first off a corner. Evan slammed down on the mat. Evan laid across the corner and a kick to his ribs. Chavo pins for two. Abdominal stretch on evon as King talks about once owning a little red Corvette and getting all the babes with it. Evan tries for the ropes but can’t. Chavo moves and Evan counters to pin Chavo for two. Evan kicks Chavo’s left leg a couple times and then head scissors. Flying forearm by Evan. Flying kick to the back of Chavo’s neck for two. A kick to Evan’s face. High knee to Chavo who’s sitting up top. Evan climbs and tries for head scissors, but Chavo ducks out. Evan lands split leg on the top ropes and flips in the air. Evan landed on the mat and Chavo too the opportunity to pin. Somehow Evan kicks out. Chavo thinks he has it won. Three amigos to Evan. Chavo points up and climbs. Hornswoggle in the ring with a super soaker. Chavo down and after Hornswoggle. Chavo pushes Hornswoggle down hard. Chavo after Hornswoggle but Evan rolls Chavo up for three.

– Winner: Evan Bourne

Hornswoggle and Evan celebrate outside the ring. Chavo in the ring is totally pissed.

King and Cole talk about BP and the gimmicks for the main events.

Cena is walking out back, heading for the ring.

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – Legacy and Dusty raised hands across the ring. Cody and Dusty hugged. Orton hit an RKO on Dusty and Cody freaked. Orton glared at Cody who just put his head down.

Chicago White Sox in the front row, all wearing TPIR name tags!

Cody comes out to the ring looking pissy. Cody grabs a mic. He says he’s indeed, very much, a member of Legacy. Does that mean he agrees with what Orton did to his dad? Probably not. What eludes the fans wasn’t Dusty, but Orton. He could say Dusty was a neglectful and poor father, but Dusty was and is a goos father. It wasn’t his choice – family or career. When HHH or HBK submits this Sunday, the fans will have their proof. And for Orton, he’s going to make Cena tap out right now. He can still hear it. Dusty said, “there’s nothing a father wouldn’t do for his son.” Well, there’s nothing this son wouldn’t do for his career. Cena out to the ring.

They dance around a bit and finally lock up. “Cena” chants from the women and children. Side headlock on Cena who pushed out. Cena telegraphs and gets kicked for it. Cena gets Cody up, but he wiggles out. Cody tries for a DDT, but Cena pushes him off and he lands hard on the mat. Cody rolls from the ring and shows his anger and frustration.

– Commercial

Cena hits a suplex on Cody, but the camera was on the tron and the TV showed it that way. Bulldog on Cody for two. Cody in the ropes to keep Cena off him. Huge back body drop on Cody. Cody rolls out to regroup. Cena out but Cody hits a drop toe hold onto the announce table. Cody rolls Cena in and stomps him. Forearms to Cena’s face while he’s down. “Cena” chants from the women and kids. Belly to belly on Cody as he tries to pull Cena to his feet. Cena rushes Cody in a corner and eats two feet. Clothesline from Cody for two. Cena in a corner and stomped by Cody. Cena whipped but gets his feet up. Cody rolls Cody up but then starts working on Cena’s leg. Drop toe hold onto Cody. Back elbow from Cody. Russian leg sweep to Cena for two and the fans are hot. “Cena” chants from the women and children. Cody pins Cena for two. Cody locks on a submission involving an arm wrapped around and a chinlock applied. Cena out and hits a right hand. Cody whipped but moves and Cena hits the corner hard. A hammerlock to an armbar on the mat to Cena. Cena rolls trough but keeps the armbar on. Major arm hold on Cena in the center of the ring. Super Cena somehow gets out and Cody up, but Cody wiggles out. Cody tries for a dropkick, but Cena holds the ropes to stay away. Shoulder blocks to Cody and a ‘vintage Cena’ snap mare. Cena on the apron and climbs. Cena tries for a leg drop, but Cody moves out of the way. Cody grabs a foot and tries a figure four, but can’t lock it on. Cena grabs his foot and reverses it into an STF. Suddenly Orton’s there, in the ring. Cena to his feet and hits a drop toe hold on Orton. Orton flees the ring before Cena can do anything to him, but the ref calls for the bell.

– Winner: Cena via DQ

Cody attacks Cena from behinds, but Cena gets Cody up. Cena stares up the ramp at Orton and hits an AA on Cody. Orton is pissed. Cena taps the back of his wrist, indicating time is ticking.

– Commercial

Video promo saying Batista will be back next week with a ‘career altering’ announcement.

Finkel announces Bob Barker who comes out on stage. The three are at Contestant’s Row. He says he’s sure everyone can agree there’s been a lot of excitement, but there’s more to come. He asks Finkel for another contestant. Finkel announces AJ Pierzynski. He’s all excited, celebrates with his White Sox buddies and then over the barrier. He slaps hands around the ring and to Contestant’s Row. He hugs Santino when he gets there. He’s thrilled to be there with Bob Barker. He pushes the White Sox and shows off his ring. He gets a bit of mixed review from the fans, but mostly pop. Bob Barker asks if they like the Cubs. Huge heat for that. Bob Barker says he knows AJ is a huge WWE fan. AJ says he’s been watching since he was a kid, but is a huger Bob Barker fan and TPIR. AJ says he’s going to make these guys look good. Bob Barker asks Finkel what they’re bidding on. He says it’s a WM26 Travel Package with a lot of things included. AJ gets the first bid. He bids $1000. I.R.S. doubles it for $2000. Jillian sings $5000. Santino asks the fans for help. He says, “What is 1200 American style dollars?” Bob Barker thought he said $12,000 and it was a bit confused. Bob Barker said the retail price is $1247 and Santino won. He got up on stage, danced around, hugged Bob Barker. He has a chance to win another prize now. Finkel says it’s a hot tub. The Twins are the Beauties for this too. Santino to the ring watching the tron, but in jeans and a T-shirt. He asks if the Bella Twins come with it as he’d like to make some Bella Twins and Santino soup. Bob Barker says this is a family show. Bob Barker says he’ll have a chance to win this in a special Body Slam Contest. He slams his opponent first, Santino wins. The opponent slams him first, Santino loses. Santino says it’s a great competition, to send him down so he can slam their body. Of course it’s the Big Show. Santino’s eyes bug out and Big Show grins as he goes down to the ring. Bob Barker tells Santino to hide as the Big Show is here.

Santino looks up at Big Show. The bell rings and Santino grabs Big Show, but nothing. Big Show grabs Santino and gets him up. Santino yells that Big Show wins. Santino is slammed to the mat. The sound effect is from TPIR when someone loses badly! Big Show smirks down at Santino. Bob Barker asks the ref if it’s a win. The ref waves his hands. Bob Barker says he can’t see the ref through Big Show. Bob Barker seems confused and asks again if he’s the winner. Bob Barker finally says Big Show is the winner. Santino acted like he was going to attack Big Show from behind. Bob Barker says there’s another opponent for Big Show. Henry comes out for another Body Slam Contest.

– Commercial

Big Show and Henry in the ring together. Henry onto Big Show who goes out over the top. Big Show yells at Henry. Henry yells back. Both seem pissed. Kick to Henry’s gut and he tries to grab Henry, but no luck. Henry in control but can’t get Big Show up. Henry into a corner and rights to his back. Boot into Henry’s kidney and hold shim there. Big Show tries to grab Henry, but he’s pushed off. More fighting and Big Show tries again to no avail. Punches to Big Show’s head. Big Show fights back. Big Show grabs Henry, but can’t get him up. Big Show then tries and can’t. Henry slams Big Show down and covers, but the ref says no, it’s not a pinfall match. Henry tries again but Big Show counters. Henry into a corner but gets a foot up. Big Show into a corner but gets an elbow up. Big Show tries again, but a clubbing forearm to Big Show’s back. Henry then gets Big Show up and slams him to the mat!

– Winner: Mark Henry

MVP to the ring and they celebrate together. Video replay of Henry body slamming Big Show to the mat.

Josh Matthews with Bob Barker talks about his new book and asks what the most unusual thing that happened on the show. Bob Barker says no doubt about it, as it’s been talked about for years. There was a lady called to be a contestant wearing a tube top. Video of this incident on the screen. She jumped up and ran down, they both came popping out. Bob Barker was still out back at that point. He didn’t know what happened. When he came out the audience was wild and Bob Barker preened think it was for him at first. Then he realized no audience ever liked him that much. Johnny Olsen was the announcer at the time. Bob Barker asked what was going on. He said this girl has given her all for Bob Barker. Josh asked if Bob Barker ever was hurt on TPIR. Bob Barker said when people won cars they went wild. He broke his toe and someone stepped on it, someone nailed him in the solar plexus. Nervous women would pinch him. A tiny woman got under his chin and jumped up. The dental bill was horrendous. Josh thanked Bob Barker for being there and pushed Bob Barker’s book once more.

– Commercial

Video promo for Trish Stratus who will be Special Guest Ref next week!

King and Cole in the ring. They talk about Trish and then go through the matches slated for BP.

Backstage Bob Barker is looking through his book. He says he enjoys his book more every time he reads it. Chavo comes out to talk to him. Chavo screams about Hornswoggle and Evan cheated. He says they cheated him out of his match and his car. Bob Barker says you win some and you lose some. Chavo says he doesn’t think Bob Barker gets it. He’s not leaving without his car. B says Chavo didn’t win the car. Chavo asks if Bob Barker trained in karate with Chuck Norris. Bob Barker says he did. Chavo asks if that makes Bob Barker think he’s cool. He’s a Guerrerro and there’s nothing that mean he can stop him from leaving with his car. Bob Barker karate chops Chavo in the gut and then the back. Chavo hits the floor. Bob Barker looks at the camera and says he’s having a great time tonight. He then goes into the, “Reminding you to help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered.”

Orton and Masters out back talking at a distance. Orton looks more like he’s yelling and dictating.

– Commercial

King and Cole talk about Bob Barker, his foundation and book. They thanked hi for being on RAW tonight.

DX out to the ring. They bounce around in the ring posing, chopping to their in ring pyro and soaking up the pop from the fans. The fans are hot for them. HHH says he loves this city. Are you ready?!?! He then gets them really pumped. More of their schpeal. And for Cody and Ted, because they are a great team, they are great partners. Their like WWE’s version of Siegfried and Roy. And boys, this Sunday you’re looking at the two white tigers that will be hanging off your jugulars! Lllllllllets’ get ready to suck it! If you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for ya… Then Chris Masters comes out to the ring looking pissed off and slightly cross eyed. Orton comes out to join him, slowly.

Masters and HBK start. Masters gains the upper hand. Masters rolls from the ring to avoid a super kick. Outside the ring Masters and Orton talk/yell.

– Commercial

Orton is beating the heck out of HHH in a corner. Huge clothesline to Orton. HBK tags in. HHH holds Orton’s arm and HBK off the corner. HBK keeps control but then a punch to HBK’s face. Orton gets HBK up, but HBK gets free and hits a swinging neckbreaker on Orton. HHH gets a foot up and HBK slams Orton’s face into it. HHH tags in. As HHH climbs into the ring, his second (left) foot slams into the camera. Obviously the camera man was too close and HHH’s heel clipped the front of it. Immediately a new camera angle and King laughs about what just happened. HHH went on like nothing happened. Punches to Orton’s face. HHH sets up for the pedigree, but Orton reverses it into a back body drop. Orton sets up for the RKO but HHH pushes him off. Suplex to Orton. Knee drop to Orton’s face for two. HBK puts both feet in the ring and HHH bounces Orton’s face off them. HBK tags in and manages to get in the ring without kicking a camera. Orton face first into a corner. Orton is whipped but gets a boot up into HBK’s face. This gives Orton a chance to tag out. Masters stomps HBK. “HBK” chants. Chops to Masters. Asters reverses a whip and HBK hung upside down. Knee to HBK’s back. Scoop slam to HBK. Orton tags in. The ref has to force Masters from the ring. Orton stomps HBK. Orton backs off, says something to Masters then drops a knee on HBK’s face. Orton with a heel pin for two. Orton keeps HBK on the heel side and tags in Masters. HBK is whipped and lands on the mat hard. Masters pins for two. Knee to the back of HBK. Orton talks Masters up as he works. Masters throws HBK from the ring. Masters distracts the ref while Orton attacks HBK outside. In the ring Masters pins for two. Master stomps HBK in the heel corner. The ref admonished Masters while Orton attacked HBK from outside. Orton steps off and Masters chokes HBK in the heel corner. Orton tags in and goes close to HHH to glare at him, taunt him. Orton stares at HBK and taunts him while he gets to his feet. Huge dropkick caught HBK right in the face. Headlock on HBK in the center of the ring. HBK all the way down on the mat. HBK flails around trying to battle out. HBK chops Orton, Orton hits back. HBK chops, Orton hits. HBK hits a flying forearm. Both are down. HHH about going wild as the ref starts counting. Orton tags out at four. HBK nips up to tag out in what Cole called ‘vintage Shawn Michaels’. HHH punches the heck out of Masters. High knee to Masters and then a clothesline in a corner. Neckbreaker to Masters for two. Facebuster on Masters and Orton starts to climb in illegally. HHH turns and sees Orton. HHH tells him to come on, but Orton slowly backs out of the ring. Masters looks like he’s going to get HHH form behind, but HHH turns and hits a spinebuster on Masters. HBK tags in and climbs. Flying elbow to Masters. HBK has the fans hot! HBK tunes up the band. Orton comes along the apron to attack HBK, but a right drops Orton to the floor. HHH runs around the ring and clotheslines Orton across the announce table. HBK tunes but Masters ducks. Master locks on the masterlock. HBK is whipped around in the hold. Cole announces that the masterlock is locked in on HHH (oops, yet ANOTHER Cole mistake), but he corrects himself and says HBK. HBK down to one knee. HBK back to his feet and HHH hits Masters from behind. HBK hits sweet chin music on Masters. Orton in but eats a HHH clothesline. HHH locks a sharpshooter on Orton while HBK locks a figure four on Masters. Orton is under the ropes, but Masters and HBK are the legal men and are in the center of the ring. Masters taps out.

HHH has to let go of Orton as Ted and Cody pull him from the ring. The ref has to force HBK to let go of the hold on Masters. HBK and HHH give chase up the ramp. HBK and HHH attack Cody and Ted. DX with the upper hand on Legacy. HBK beats the heck out of Cody, but Cody fights back. They’re out back and Orton hides. He stays out of the way of DX in this attack. Orton sneaks around and back on stage. He watches the stage as he backs up the ramp. Then off to the other side, looking around. Back on the ramp, heading for the ring. Backstage HHH is beating the heck out of Ted. Trash can to the heads of both Ted and Cody. HBK takes Cody down over a table, they break it. Ted is then slammed on the table. Cody gets away. Ted goes after HHH and gains the upper hand until HBK flies in from out of nowhere to take Ted down. Ted slammed through a door and outside. Ted grabs someone and throws them out of their chair and grabs it. Ted hands the chair to Cody and Ted runs off. The chair is slammed into the door as HBK and HHH come out, but it doesn’t hit them. Ted in the driver’s seat of a car. Cody jumps in and they start to drive off as HHH and HBK try to stop them. Someone screams that it’s his car! HHH tries to give chase to no avail. Inside Orton’s in the ring. Orton asks if the fans saw that – the look of disappointment on the faces of DX. Well, get used to it. This Sunday at BP Legacy is going to make DX submit. In the main event he’s going to retain the WWE Championship. It’s what he lives for. It’s the only thing he considers important in life. John Cena…. Cena’s music hits and he’s on stage. Cena runs down and slides into the ring. They get into it, but then Orton flees the ring. Cena follows Orton out and rolls him back in. Cena starts climbing back in the ring. Orton grabs him and hits his famous DDT through the ropes. Orton stares off into space and then moves jerkily to his feet. Orton from the ring to grab a chair. Orton slides the chair in before him and stares at Cena and then the chair. Orton sets up the chair and stares some more at Cena. Orton on his knees and grabs Cena. Orton gets a floppy Cena to his feet and sets up to hit an RKO on the chair. He hits it, but it’s bad! Cena’s forearms hit the chair as Cena’s knee hit the mat. Cena’s head was no where near the chair and the camera angle showed that in a most obvious way. (I think Vince will be quite pissed at how bad that looked on TV!) Orton stared at Cena. Then Orton screamed down at Cena that this Sunday he will say ‘I quit’.

Biggest pop
Bob Barker

Biggest heat
Big Show

I know a lot of people don’t like this Special Guest Host gimmick. I have not been the biggest fan of it, mostly because a some of the hosts rub me the wrong. I didn’t like Piven and Dr. Ken. I thought they were lame and monopolized the show. I have never been a fan of Mayweather and thought he brought a bad name to the show because of the shooting he might have been involved in the night before the show he was on. I’m a huge Seth Green fan but thought putting him in a match was daft and brought the whole mystique of being a wrestler down a huge notch. Yes, there’s some little wrestlers, but Seth is no Rey! Then they didn’t have anyone big and exciting to fill the slot, so they made Sarge look bad and then did the same to Dusty. I don’t like them throwing these Legends to the wolves.

I loved Prinze as he made a lot of sense and knew what he was doing. After working creative, he’s the one who wanted to take the bump and didn’t monopolize the show, even though they would have let him. Shaq is so good on mic, add in his size and he’s a natural for RAW. While I’d like to say Bob Barker would not be a good fit for RAW, I actually enjoyed it. I think he did a great job with most of the show. I did get a little annoyed with the pushing of his book and his Foundation, but I do understand why they did it. Bob Barker is quick on mic and showed that most of the night. He was slightly off a few times, but most of the time was extremely funny and entertaining. While they did spend a little too much time on Bob Barker, I think he was one of the most successful Special Guest Hosts so far. I just wish they did more with I.R.S.!

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