Ring of Honor Television Taping Results From 10/20 *SPOILERS*

Ring of Honor taped several episodes of television in Philadelphia this weekend following a successful Global Wars tour. This will take them through the rest of October and into November, with one final taping before the December 15th ROH Final Battle pay-per-view. 

ROH “Philadelphia Excellence” TV Tapings
October 20, 2017

(1) The Kingdom def. Coast 2 Coast and The Dawgs in a triple threat tag team match. Mixed reports but this may have been a #1 contender’s match. Lots of really cool spots with Leon St. Giovanni doing a springboard Phoenix Splash to the floor taking out everyone. There was some sort of double AA sequence with TK O’Ryan slamming two guys at the same time for the win. 

(2) Cody Rhodes (c) def. Ryan Nova to retain the ROH Championship. Nova is a trainee from the ROH Dojo. It was a quick squash with the champ toying with him, not going for the pin after a Cross Rhodes, and making Nova tap out to the Figure Four. 

– Dalton Castle came out to challenge Cody for the title, making fun of him for not having any real defenses. Rhodes mocked him and said he would put Dalton in touch with “Paul” so maybe he could go to NXT and get good enough to work in ROH. It ended with Castle dropping the champion with Bang-a-Rang. 

(3) Motor City Machine Guns (c) def. War Machine to retain the ROH Tag Team Championships. It almost ended in the first minute after War Machine hit a quick Fallout finisher but the Guns managed to save it. Great back and forth match. The Addiction came out and mixed it up with War Machine, allowing Sabin to roll up Ray Rowe for the win. 

(4) Jenny Rose def. Nikki Addams, Sumie Sakai and Jessie Brooks in a Four Corners Women of Honor match. Jenny hit a spear on Addams to win. 

(5) Punishment Martinez def. Josh Woods. This was a qualifying match with the winner going on to a Four Corners match for the ROH World TV Championship. 

– Jay Lethal came out and admitted that it’s been a rough year for him, but with all distractions aside he’s ready to get back in the hunt for the world title. “The Villain” Marty Scurll cut him off and accused Lethal of getting soft and compassionate, being a shell of his former self. A challenge was thrown down for Final Battle, and Lethal promised to show him the “old” Lethal. 

(6) Kenny King (c) def. Mark Briscoe to retain the ROH World TV Championship. The match never actually happened and was never going to. Mark still has a cast from injuring his elbow, so Jay Briscoe threw in the towel as soon as the bell rang. 

– Mark was pissed off at his brother, who is still pushing them to focus on being a tag team again. This probably won’t end well. Punishment Martinez came out of nowhere and attacked King after the “match”, which led to a huge brawl involving a bunch of other people. 

(7) Chuck Taylor & Trent Barreta def. The Addiction. Surprise win here after another good tag match. Motor City was on commentary and The Kingdom came out to watch, so things got very crowded. Daniels tried to use a chair but War Machine came out and stopped their shenanigans. Chuckie T hit the Awful Waffle to pick up the win. 

(8) Dalton Castle def. Hangman Page. Cody Rhodes came out to pull the referee out of the ring after Castle hit the Bang-a-Rang. Miscommunication led to Hangman accidentally clocking Cody, and Castle hit a second Bang-a-Rang then locked in a submission to win. 

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– Bully Ray made his way out to say goodbye to the 2300 Arena. Joe Koff even came out and thanked him for coming to ROH. Lots of “ECW” chants. Jay Briscoe hit the ring and mocked Bully for going out like a bitch, then hit him in the back of the head knocking him out cold. Velvet Sky and Tommy Dreamer came out to check on Bully. Mark Briscoe was next to try and play peacemaker, but turned heel by kicking Dreamer in the balls. The Briscoes picked up a motionless Bully and dropped him with a 3D before a swarm of officials and medics came out to help him. 

(9) Karen Q def. Deonna Purazza in a Women of Honor match. Nice match with a ref bump, leading to Karen taking out Deonna with a steel chair to score the upset victory. 

(10) Matt Taven def. Jay White. The rest of The Kingdom caused a lot of trouble for White who couldn’t overcome the odds in the end. 

(11) Shane Taylor def. Cheeseburger. Pretty quick squash match. It looks like Taylor will be added to the ROH TV title match. 

(12) Silas Young def. Jonathan Gresham. We have our final contender for the ROH TV title. Beer City Bruiser got involved several times making it impossible for Gresham to mount a comeback. 

– War Machine and The Addiction got into a huge brawl all around ringside. It ended when Kazarian flew into the crowd and accidentally took out a young female fan. This brought everything to a standstill as officials came down to help the girl. 

(13) Marty Scurll, The Young Bucks & Hangman Page def. Flip Gordon, Scorpio Sky, Shaheem Ali & Leon St. Giovanni. Looks like Flip is getting a nice push after that incredible match with Will Ospreay at Global Wars: Chicago. He put together a group to take out Bullet Club. He was a huge feature in the match. Ridiculous spot at the end with Hangman getting two guys on his back and shoulders, and the Bucks doing double Meltzer Drivers for the win. 


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