'Run, Bernie, Run': Survey Shows Huge Support for Sen. Sanders as Progressive Presidential Candidate

If Bernie runs, it looks like the progressive left flank is ready to mobilize on his behalf.

Recent signals by Vermont’s Independent Senator Bernie Sanders that he would consider a run for president in 2016 in order to “take on Wall Street, address the collapse of the middle class, tackle the spread of poverty… and address global warming,” perked the ears of progressives who look out at the Democratic Party and see no other candidate—especially the presumed frontrunner Hillary Clinton—likely to speak for them on a core set of issues.

And now, a survey prompted by Sanders’ comments shows that among those who closely identify as “progressive” support for his candidacy is at more than 80 percent.

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Conducted by RootsAction.org—a progressive online activism, advocacy and lobbying organization—the survey asked the group’s members to offer their opinion on a Sanders run for the nation’s highest office.

Asked if he should run, 81 percent said ‘Yes.’ Only 9 percent said ‘No,’ and the remaining 10 percent were unsure.

“Nearly 20,000 people responded to our survey, from every state in the nation,” said RootsAction.org co-founder Jeff Cohen. “Though not a scientific sampling, it reflects Bernie Sanders’ huge popularity among progressives. And that there’s a ready-made base for him – or perhaps another progressive candidate – in a campaign that challenges the Democratic establishment and ostensible frontrunner Hillary Clinton.”