RVD’s TNA Future, TNA’s Next Monster, Lance Hoyt Turning Heel?

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– While many people in the TNA locker room fully expect Rob Van Dam to join the company, it is being kept very quiet. One source said that RVD’s name is not even being mentioned in the locker room. Evidentially TNA wants to “shock” the wrestling world, much as they did with Kurt Angle.

– As things currently stand, the new “monster” to come in and be managed by Jim Mitchell and feud with Abyss is Ricky Banderas. The only thing keeping Banderas from immediately entering into TNA is his hectic AAA schedule in Mexico. He’s being compared to Tomko, who often works in Japan, and has had a hard time building momentum in TNA because of his hectic independent schedule.

– Long term plans for Lance Hoyt are for him to become more of an established protégé of VKM and later turn him heel on the faction.

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