Sami Callihan Invades Today’s Impact Wrestling Media Call, Demands Graphic Footage in Expletive-Ridden Rant

X-Division Champion Matt Sydal was the special guest on today’s Impact media call, but the teleconference was invaded by an unadvertised appearance from the eternally controversial Sami Callihan.

The OVE leader tore into Impact host Ross Foreman before delivering an expletive-ridden rant, demanding that footage of him brutally attacking and bloodying Executive Vice President Don Callis at a recent event be shown on tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling. As noted, Callihan made a surprise appearance in Toronto, Ontario to run an angle where he assaulted Callis while the wrestler-turned-announcer was receiving a Comeback of the Year Award.

Below is a transcript of what the self-proclaimed “Draw” had to say on today’s call. His segment starts at 19:10 in the video above as well.

“My problem right now isn’t with Matt Sydal, my problem is with TNA management. I just got a message about an hour ago saying they were on the fence of whether or not they want to show the footage of me beating up Don Callis in Canada. Does Impact Wrestling really not have the balls to show that footage?”

“I am telling you, they better put that footage on the show tonight or there’s gonna be more hell to pay. I don’t give a damn if you’re my boss. I don’t give a damn if you’re Scott D’Amore, Don Callis, Sonjay Dutt – anyone out there that works for TNA management. I’m going to do and say what I want because you know what? I am the Draw. At this point I’m almost damn near untouchable.”

“I am tired of this s–t. Impact management doesn’t want to tell me s–t. I found out about that via a tweet from @ImpactWrestling, so I don’t really know what’s going to happen in my future. You know what, I really don’t care at this point. I don’t give a damn. Impact management knows the numbers that I put up, and Impact management knows exactly what they need to do, and what’s best for their business model.”

At this point in the call, host Ross Foreman attempted to end the conversation and move the discussion back to X-Division Champion Matt Sydal, but of course Callihan wouldn’t have any of that.

“I’m not done yet. They call me The Draw. Who are you? What do you even do Ross? Please inform me, because I don’t even know a damn thing that you do at this point. Why do you think you can talk to me like this? That’s the problem. Impact management wants to disrespect me, wants to disrespect the rest of OVE and they want to disrespect everything that we’re doing for this company. For God’s sake, we’re barely in the video opening!”

While the company has teased legal repercussions, and has promised to address the situation on tonight’s show, Impact has officially announced that in the interest of “full transparency”, they will show the violent footage on this evening’s episode before issuing a final verdict on Callihan’s future.

In the interest of full transparency and to ensure you understand the full context around any decision taken regarding @TheSamiCallihan‘s IMPACT future, we will be airing the footage of Callihan’s vile, deplorable attack on @CyrusOverHuge tonight on IMPACT.


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