Samoa Joe Makes Comic Book Writing Debut, New WWE Raw 25 Promo (Video)

WWE has released the above video ahead of Raw 25 on Monday night.

Celebrate as The Longest-Running Episodic Television Show in history reaches an incredible milestone.

Samoa Joe Makes Comic Book Writing Debut With “Headlocked” Writer

WWE #13 is celebrating 25 years of Monday Night Raw, and one of their own Superstars is making his writing debut in the issue. spoke to Samoa Joe who co-wrote the issue.

Samoa Joe, who was recently pulled from the men’s Royal Rumble match due to injury, is making his writing debut alongside comic book writer for “Headlocked” , Mike Kingston. The story talks about Joe’s rise to the main roster, and along the way, he talks about how odd it is to write about himself.

“Oh, completely and totally it gets disgusting,” Joe said. “It’s really bad. It feels that way and honestly I think that’s why Mike came in, cause for me, I remember saying, “Oh it’s different when you’re writing for yourself.” And he’s like, “Yeah, I know.” He said, “Well, I tell you what, let’s sit down. Let’s talk about the journey a little bit and we’ll come up with what we like, and then, just sitting down and working with him and hashed out the story. And he kind of helped remove a little bit of that weirdness. Cause, yeah. Anytime you’re sitting there writing a book about yourself it’s a pretty self-fulfilling prophecy, I guess.”

On how much it takes to write a comic book…

“I look at the writer and the artist that have a monthly deadline every month and meet it diligently and I take my hats off to them, cause no matter how much technology you put into the industry and into creating these books, it still takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears and a lot of ink on paper,” Joe said. “And my hats off to all the writers and the artists, because to produce high-end content month after month after month is a chore in and of itself. Being a part of the creation of this book and seeing all the work that Mike Kingston and Mike Mulipola put into the writing and the art and how dedicated they are to making this book a great read, it really makes you appreciate all the effort that goes into producing one of the best mediums of entertainment today.”

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