Saudi Arabia: 79% drop in COVID-19 infections in August

Abu Dhabi: COVID-19 infections recorded across Saudi Arabia in August decreased by more than 79 per cent, after the hardest hit regions witnessed a significant daily decrease, local media reported.


Coronavirus infections decreased across the Kingdom from 1,084 on August 1, to 224 on August 31.


Infections recorded in the Eastern Province witnessed the highest decline, by 87 per cent, dropping from 154 on August 1 to 20 on August 31. The recorded infections in Mecca also decreased by 83.6 per cent, from 207 at the beginning of the month to 34 at the end. Meanwhile, the cases recorded in Riyadh, the hardest-hit region, decreased by 68.9 per cent, from 235 at the beginning of August to 73 at its end.

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