Saudi Arabia: Arar garment company flouts discount regulations

Abu Dhabi: The Saudi Ministry of Commerce named and shamed a readymade garments trading company that violated anti-commercial fraud laws and discount regulations, Saudi media reported.


The business, based in Arar, northern Saudi Arabia near the Iraqi border, was also found guilty of failing to abide by the period set for the reductions and lacking comparison of prices before and after the discounts.


The ministry published a summary of the ruling issued by the Criminal Court in Arar, which includes imposing a fine on the facility and defaming it by publishing the ruling in two local newspapers at the expense of the violator.


The law stipulates penalties of up to three years in prison, fines of up to SR1 million or of both, defamation of violators in the local newspapers at their expense, and deportation of the violating workers to their countries without allowing them to return to the Kingdom for work.


The ministry urged consumers to report violations.

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