Saudi Arabia: Jail, SR100,000 fine for medical malpractice

Abu Dhabi: Saudi Public Prosecution has confirmed that practices prohibited in the system of health professions are punishable by imprisonment for up to six months, and a fine of up to SR100,000, or one of these two penalties.


The Public Prosecution has warned on its Twitter account, “There are a number of cases punishable by law with these penalties according to article 28 of the Health Professions Practicing Law, which are: Practicing health professions without a licence, providing data that does not match the truth, or using illegal methods that result in granting a licence to practice health professions and using means of advertising that would lead the public to believe that they are entitled to practice health professions.”


The Saudi prosecution also warned that the penalties are also applicable to impersonation and assuming titles that are usually given to those who practice health professions.


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