Saudi Arabia: Kingdom boosts empowerment of women by appointing three as cultural attachés

Abu Dhabi: Three Saudi women have been appointed as cultural attachés marking yet another first for the kingdom as it further boosts the empowerment of women, Saudi media reported.


Saudi Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Al Sheikh appointed the diplomats with the responsibility of promoting the culture of the kingdon in several countries.

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It is the first time women have been named to hold this important and vital position that is instrumental in building relationships, coordinating efforts, and strengthening cultural and civilized partnerships among countries.


The cultural attachés appointed in the Gulf, Arab and friendly countries are the following: Dr. Amal Fatani (United Kingdom), Dr. Fahdah Al Sheikh (Ireland), Dr. Ahmed Al Fareih (Egypt), Dr. Issa Al Romaih (Jordan), Dr. Saad Al Shabana (Kuwait) and Dr. Yousra Al Jazairi (acting cultural attaché in Morocco).


The minister’s decisions are aimed to enhance the kingdom’s educational and cultural presence at the international level, activate areas of joint cooperation, exchange scientific and research experiences, and coordinate scholarships for students to study in the kingdom, supervising scholarship students abroad and facilitating their educational journey and investing their abilities to serve the country and participate in its future development.


Appointing Saudi women to work as cultural attaché reflects the keenness of the Saudi leadership to enable Saudi women to serve their country in all fields and reinforces confidence in the importance of their distinguished role to take part in the country’s building process.


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