Saudi Arabia: Man installs police lights and sirens on car

Abu Dhabi: A Saudi man was arrested after fitting his vehicle with police lights and sirens, a security official said.


“The man, in his 30s, was caught after another Saudi filmed him as he was driving a car fitted with police lights and sirens and posted the footage on social media. The accomplice, who posted the video clip on social media was also arrested,” Major Khaled Al Kreidis, spokesperson of the Riyadh Police, said.


The video clip showed the suspect as he turned on the police lights and honked to force other vehicles out of the way in Riyadh.


Police or emergency vehicle lights and sirens are illegal for civilian vehicle use in Saudi Arabia, but they are still attainable for purchase at some car accessories shops.


“The men were remanded in custody pending moving to the Public Prosecution for trial,” police said.

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Saudi traffic laws dictate that red and blue strobe lights with sirens are reserved for the police, while red lights with sirens are reserved for emergency vehicles. Civilians caught using any of these lights or sirens may face tough penalties.

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