Saudi Arabia: Man on camel in Mecca psychologically ill

Cairo: A man who appeared wearing a security uniform and riding a camel in the Saudi holy city of Mecca has been found psychologically ill, a police official said.


A video went viral online showing the man in the uniform riding the camel on a motorway in an unusual sight in Saudi Arabia.



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“Security patrols investigated the case. The man in his 40s has been found to suffer from psychological disorders,” said spokesman for the Mecca police, Major Mohammed Al Ghamdi. “He underwent a medical test in preparation for competing disciplinary procedures,” he added.


The sight of a security man on a camel has triggered astonishment among motorists. Others turned to the internet and made satirical comments.


“It’s because the petrol is expensive!” a man named Sami said in a sarcastic comment on Twitter. Another posted a video of the man and said: “A soldier in Mecca is riding a camel!”


Saudi news portal Sabq reported Thursday night that the man on the camel had been arrested after he had been seen riding the animal from Mecca’s district of Al Zaher to the district of Al Azazia. In the footage, the man is seen quietly riding the camel unconcerned about the surprised looks of the people around.


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