Saudi-led coalition helps 160 African migrants flee Yemen

Abu Dhabi: The Saudi-led Arab Coalition said Tuesday it has facilitated the flight of 160 African migrants from Yemen.

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“The operation was sponsored by the United Nations and coordinated with the legitimate Yemeni government,” Arab coalition spokesman Brigadier General Turki Al Maliki said.


The flight is part of the colation’s humanitarian efforts, he stressed, while accusing the Iran-backed Al Houthi militias of committing a grave crime against migrants in Sanaa.


Earlier on Tuesday, Human Rights organisations held the Al Houthis responsible for starting the March 7 blaze that killed dozens of migrants at a holding facility in the capital.


Scores of migrants burned to death in Yemen, after Al Houthi militia launched unidentified projectiles into an immigration detention centre in Sanaa, causing a fire.


Inmates — most of them Ethiopian migrants — had been protesting against overcrowding when camp guards rounded up hundreds of them into a hangar and fired two projectiles into the building.


Hundreds of injured inmates were being treated in hospitals in Sanaa, where Al Houthis’ heavy security presence posed problems for humanitarian agencies.

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