Sean Waltman Behind The Scenes Video, Bill DeMott Comments On WWE Future

— Wonder what Sean “X-Pac” Waltman is like backstage at a major wrestling event? Well, here’s your chance. In the following video exclusive, see Waltman break character at CHIKARA’s “King of Trios” tournament this year, where he dang near broke his back while breaking out the 1-2-3 Kid gear for the first time in ages. Hear Waltman talk about the infamous sock story at HBK’s Hall of Fame induction this year, see the crazy outfit Waltman likes to sport before his matches, and simply see him having fun backstage getting ready before his match. Special appearance by Colt Cabana as well.

To see the video, click here.

— Bill DeMott wrote the following on Twitter regarding speculation of a return to WWE in-ring action:

“The #rumor mill is smoking hot with tales of me returning to WWE in-ring action!! I have to say that rumors much like bones can be broken!

“See you all think I said no, all I said was “rumors and bones were made to be broken”…my plate is very full with @WWE projects and I’m :)!”

“I am officially announcing …I AM TRAINING FOR SOMETHING! TAKE THAT ANYWAY YOUWANT!but I will be ready for…IT”

Photo of teenage Chris Benoit with The Undertaker and Scott Hall ->

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