Shawn Michaels Ques Up The Band In NXT

“The Heartbreak Kid” returned to the ring last night as he served as a special referee at an NXT show taking place in San Antonio, Texas, His hometown.
Shawn served as special ref in the main event as NXT Champion Drew McIntyre defended the belt against Adam Cole of “the Undisputed Era”. As you would expect, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reily tried to interfere during the content when Shawn Hit Sweet Chin music on both of them. He then proceeded to get in the microphone and say that “I can assure you that I’m too old for this s***.”” Fans were able to capture video from the match.

HBK #NXTSanAntonio
— Marvelous Mike (@720Wrestling) November 18, 2017

What a fantastic night at #NXTSanAntonio! @ShawnMichaels with some parting words for us fans! You will never be “ to old for this shit”.
— Tony (@homiedaclown24) November 18, 2017

Shawn is currently scheduled to take part in the NXT Takeover: War Games show, taking place in Houston Texas, in some sort of “Best Abs” contest with Johnny Gargano. Fan speculation already has it that Shawn, or Gargano, will be involved in another match or segment later in the show.



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