Shawn Michaels Reacts To Daniel Bryan’s Return (Video), Mustafa Ali On His Cruiserweight Championship Match

As you may have heard by now, Daniel Bryan announced his triumphant return and delivered a huge challenge at WrestleMania 34.

While having their ups and downs on WWE television, Daniel Bryan actually trained with Shawn Michaels, and Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan have had similar paths. They are both known as resilient underdogs, and were both forced to retire due to injury. In addition, both men made comebacks from their retirement in triumphant fashion.

WWE has released a new video to their YouTube page in which Shawn Michaels reacts to his former protege’s return, which was announced about two weeks ago on Smackdown Live.

Mustafa Ali Fights For Acceptance At WrestleMania 34

There is a new story on, talking about 205 Live Star Mustafa Ali. Ali is a Muslim-American, and is seeking to change stereotypes and takes a step further in his cause by competing for the Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania against Cedric Alexander.

On stereotypes…

“To me, it’s a huge opportunity for representation. There are preconceived ideas and these barriers that have come along with a name like mine. [I’d be] typically portrayed as the ‘bad guy.’ I have a chance to knock all that down and show young guys and girls who look like me and have a name like mine, here’s a guy like you that chased his dreams and wasn’t worried about labels.”

On making at mark at the Cruiserweight Classic…

“My mindset was to maximize every single second that I had. I knew that I didn’t have nearly as much of the fanbase or reputation as some of the other guys in the Classic, but I told myself ‘You have to go out there and capture their attention right off the bat.’ I felt like, after my performance, they were like ‘keep an eye on this kid.’”

On his relationship and differences between he and Cedric..

“The biggest difference between Cedric and I isn’t our style, isn’t our background; it’s simply our mindset. Cedric believes he deserves to be at WrestleMania. He believes he deserves to be the Cruiserweight Champion. Cedric has the mindset that this already should have happened for him. I’m different. I’m the underdog, Cinderella story. I realize I’ve gotten here by a thread. I’m fighting for so much more than a championship, victories and celebrity status. I’m fighting for a purpose, fighting for those who can’t. I’m fighting for the right for others to dream without any limitation, without any worries. Cedric and I are worlds apart. We are very close friends, we have very similar styles in the ring, but Cedric is one man, while I’m fighting for millions.”

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