Shawn Michaels Talks Triple H vs. Lesnar, His Broken Arm & More

The WWE website has a storyline interview up with Shawn Michaels, who will no longer be in Triple H’s corner at SummerSlam after Brock Lesnar’s vicious attack on Monday’s RAW. Here are some highlights of the storyline-driven article:

Brock Lesnar Breaking His Arm: “I’m not happy about what Brock Lesnar did to me, but life goes on. I have kids and a family, and things that have to get done. Thankfully, I’m left-handed and ambidextrous so I’m not slowed very much. The physical work around the ranch is going to take a back seat for a while.”

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar: “Brock is a whole different kind of cat. He’s not the same guy he was 10 years ago. The problem is getting caught in the jaws of the alligator. Eventually, you have to tie up with him. Once he gets ahold of you — I don’t care if it’s an arm, leg, ankle or wrist — he now has an ability that I don’t think he had before. He might have had it, but I don’t think he had the wisdom, knowledge and experience at that time to utilize it in the respect that he does now. And that makes him a ton more dangerous. That is going to be something Hunter hasn’t faced before. I think that Hunter has the tools to defeat Brock, but it’s going to be tough. If he attacks him in the right respect, and avoids getting caught in the jaws of the alligator, he has a chance. But, if I had the answer to beating him, I wouldn’t be walking around with a broken arm.”

Not Attending SummerSlam: “All the nagging injuries that I’ve had over the last 25 years were made a little worse in that thrashing I took in the parking lot [on Raw]. It’s more an issue of me needing to heal a lot of stuff.”

* Picture of WWE Diva KAITLYN Dressed Up As .. The ULTIMATE WARRIOR?!

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