Sheamus Turning Face?, ECW Original At WWE PC, Noelle Foley Tells "Fruity" Randy Orton Story

– It sounds like WWE tried something new with Sheamus this past weekend. Sheamus reportedly worked as a babyface at Sunday night’s live event in Huntington, WV, where he lost in a United States Title match against Rusev. Sheamus has been working as a heel on WWE TV since early 2015.

– Stevie Richards will be working a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando this month. As previously reported, Richards is in the running to be a full-time coach for WWE.

– Noelle Foley recently appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast to promote her new WWE Network show with her father, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. She revealed that despite her father wishing she wasn’t interested in men, she did have a crush on former WWE Champion Randy Orton, and says Orton smells “fruity.”

“We were backstage, probably five years ago and Randy Orton drops his shirt,” she recalled, “and I’m like, ‘dad, Randy [has] just dropped his shirt’ and he calls back. He’s like, ‘Randy, you dropped your shirt’ and Randy’s like, ‘oh, you can have it’, like pointing to me. First thing I do is smell the shirt because that’s me. And it was fruity! Randy Orton smells fruity.”

You can listen to the entire podcast here.

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