Sport writer Charlie Norton remembered

Earlier this month, the adventure racer, journalist and Vigour creator Charlie Norton, 39, died after reportedly falling from a cliff while walking in Morocco. You can read moving tributes to the father-of-two at the Telegraph and Vigour.


What follows is a piece that Charlie produced for 220 in October 2014 from the Killarney Adventure Race that captured the wit, self-deprecation and sense of adventure of the man. “I raced for the beauty, the pain and the glory of finishing,” said Charlie of his Irish experience…

I’m a sports/adventure journalist/charlatan, who’s been royally battered into submission by numerous ultras and marathons, and has dipped my hobbit-like toes into a handful of sportives, duathlons and obstacle races. I’ve also entered the 350km Mark Webber Challenge in Australia, where I was unlucky enough to get a leech on my eyelid and a kayak partner built like Ghandi.