Tammy Sytch Defends Using "N-Word" Online, Offered $100,000 For Sex Tape

WWE Hall Of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, who was just recently in the news after pleading guilty to multiple DUI charges and preparing to be sentenced on January 29th in Carbon County, is in the news again this week.

Sytch also made headlines for putting her official WWE Hall Of Fame ring on eBay, which she offered at an opening price of $3,000.

This week, the former “Sunny” is getting coverage from celebrity-gossip website TMZ.com after receiving an offer for $100,000 from adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment to star in a 90-minute sex tape.

Vivid C.E.O. Steven Hirsch apparently wants a commitment from Sytch to shoot and record the tape within the next two weeks, as he wants it “in the can” before Sytch faces possible jail time as a result of the 1/29 sentencing for multiple guilty DUI charges.

Finally, Tammy Sytch was on the receiving end of some social media backlash for using the “N-word” in a recent tweet. Below is the initial comment from Sytch, as well as her replies to several fans who called her out afterwards.

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