The Miz Calls Triple H A Hypocrite For Firing Him, Morrison Responds

WWE COO Triple H “fired” The Miz and R-Truth last week after the duo attacked a referee during the main event of WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view. Since then, Miz and R-Truth have been coming up with ways to keep themselves on television and get back on the WWE roster.

The Miz wrote the following on Twitter last night after RAW – calling Triple H a hypocrite for firing he and R-Truth ..

“Triple H fires us for “savagely attacking a WWE official” I wonder if Triple H ever put his hands on a WWE Official. Let’s see.. #Hypocrite

Triple H vs Stone Cold No Mercy 1999 Triple H pushes ref. #hypocrite Triple H vs Y2J April 2000 Triple H beats up n pedigrees ref #hypocrite

And my favorite Triple H vs Kevin Nash Judgement Day 2003 Triple H “Savagely” hits ref with a SLEDGEHAMMER. Just to name a few. #hypocrite”

Sounds like The Miz has a point – what do you guys think? Hit up the comments section below.

Update: Maryse and John Morrison have responded on Twitter to the comments made by The Miz regarding the #hypocrisy of Triple H. Maryse wrote:

“@mikethemiz #phenomenal”

John Morrison, former tag team partner of The Miz, tweeted the following:

“@mikethemiz complaining about not getting enough attention- #hypocrite”

“@mikethemiz, you think you’re mad at Triple H now?  Watch Inside Out… THEN let us knpw how you feel”

* Recent Picture of THE MIZ With Boxing Champ MANNY PACQUIAO

(Source: Twitter @MikeTheMiz)

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