The Miz Talks About His Character, Marine 3, Vince's Original Plan For Him

Former WWE champion The Miz was interviewed by Pittsburgh’s Fan Morning Show on Monday to promote last night’s RAW Supershow. Here are some highlights of what Miz said about:

Loving His Role As a Heel Character:

“I don’t want to be liked. I enjoy people hating me, I enjoy the Tweets that I get at @MikeTheMiz with people going, ‘You suck, you’re the worst, I can’t stand you. I don’t like you.’ Some people don’t like to hear negative things. That’s what feeds me. That’s what makes me want to do better and prove everyone wrong. So that’s basically why I’m so good.”

Starring In The New WWE Studios Film, The Marine: Homefront:

“I’m doing a movie — Marine: Home Front. I’m huge. I’m going to be a huge movie star. I’m the most must-see WWE superstar, I’m a huge movie star. I mean, it’s going to be the whole chi-bang.”

Vince McMahon Originally Wanting Him to be “WWE’s Ryan Seacrest”:

“It’s funny you bring up Ryan Seacrest. When I first came to WWE, they wanted me to be the host of Smackdown! I go into Vince’s office and he’s like, ‘Alright, Miz. We want you to be like the Ryan Seacrest of the WWE.’ By the way, I didn’t even think Vince McMahon even knew who Ryan Seacrest was.

“But, whenever your boss tells you, ‘We want you to be the Ryan Seacrest of this.’ That’s just a bad thing in general. Especially when you’re in WWE. You want to be the guy that’s tough. ‘Hey, I’m The Miz!’ But, no. I’m in there like, ‘Hey, What’s up! Welcome to WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown!’

“… Then, I turned that into the most must-see former WWE champion. And [I steal] the show. Everybody [watches] me.”

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