"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero Posts Lengthy Blog Regarding His TNA Status

“The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero posted a lengthy blog on his official website concerning his status with TNA Wrestling.

PSW: The State of Pope In TNA

Pope wanted to share this with The Congregation as what I’m about to say is the very real, and sincere just as the message that I’m about to refer to that I received on TheElijahExpress.com:

While reading my Private Messages via the TheElijahExpress.com/Forum, I came across this message from a young man who voiced his opinion about Impact Wrestling and the current treatment of yours truly. This individual wrote in a manner that caused his words to be felt as if he were speaking in front of me. To sum it up, he stated that he hadn’t watched TNA’s Impact Wrestling since the battle royal a couple of months ago. He said he refused to watch now because of Pope’s current treatment and under-utilization on the show.

As Pope continued to read, I began to feel this great weight fall upon my shoulders, and it then became somewhat of a burden. Why one may ask?? Well, it’s simple: I aspire to be that ONE positive influence on young and old alike, to encourage them to aim higher, to let them know that anything is possible, and as the old adage goes, “Hard work will pay off.” Trust me; I do know that it will! Heck, it already has to be exact. BUT the burden rest with knowing that many (not just the kid who wrote this letter to me) around the world email Pope on a regular basis asking the very same thing: “What’s going on with TNA’s treatment of you. Last year this time you were super hot….. (fill in the blank as you know the rest.)”

To be honest, Pope knows not. What I do know is that I do what is required of me, and Pope does it well. I’m not involved in, nor do I seek to be in any backstage clique. I don’t play politics, and I don’t kiss @ss. I show up to work every day with a smile on my face, respecting my peers, and a “What’s Up Daddeh” welcome to all whom crosses paths with Pope. Much like many of you who continue to remind Pope, I worked my butt off, got close to grabbing the brass ring, got injured, came back, and here we are today. I won’t even mention my feud with Sommore Joe, or that in the midst of confusing many watching, Pope and Joe were still able to be the highest rated quarter hour on the show during the “Pope-Joe-Pig” segment, even if many never understood why we were feuding. (Side note: Being one of prophetic capability, one would think that Pope would’ve saw this coming, Ha!)

Here’s my point, Pope always look on the bright side of things, and throughout whatever hardship Pope encounters I attempt to remain positive through it all, or at least THINK positive knowing that GREATER awaits Pope. So as heavy as Pope’s heart had become after reading that young man’s email, I say to all of you that support me day in and day out, “I’m Sorry.” If you feel that I’ve let you down, or that I am letting you down, “I’m sorry.” However, know that Pope is STILL PIMP’N, that NEVER changed; It appears that plans have changed as that’s the power of the mighty pencil. It’s mightier than Pope’s ability, or your tweets, or emails. That’s just the way it is. However, don’t think for one second that YOUR VOICE doesn’t count, and do know that I will do everything within my power to achieve that ultimate goal, and that is to etch my name in the history books as the 1st African American TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Pope promises to continue working hard, and to persevere as I wish to EARN my keep, much like many before Pope which includes the likes of Styles and Joe. And while I speak of them, let Pope say this; I may not be an AJ Styles (who is truly Phenomenal and gave Pope his Greatest Match EVER), and Pope may not be a Samoa Joe (one intense, agile, and talented big man); But for the record, they’ll NEVER be “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero!

And in closing, know that Pope’s a team player and supports his company 100% as I feel we have the greatest assemble of talented wrestlers worldwide….AND to those that write in to bury Vinnie “you know who”… Trust Pope when I tell ya, THAT GUY is to Pope as a bird handler is to a caged dove that palms it, releases it, and says, “Go do what you were meant to do…Fly and Be Free!” That’s no B.S, that’s just Pope keeping it REAL! It may take some time, but Pope do believe that I’ll get there, and when I do, it will be because of YOU and I made it happen together. I hope this answers a many of your questions and concerns, and Pope truly THANK YOU, The Congregation for your unwavering support.

Until Next Time “If you can’t Change the people around you, Then CHANGE the people around you! ~PHS

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