The Rock Shares Hulk Hogan Childhood Story, Hogan Responds With A Challenge

While promoting his new movie, Jumanji, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson told an interesting story from his childhood about Hulk Hogan.

According to The Rock, he caught a headband that Hogan threw in the crowd at a WWE show in Madison Square Garden back in 1984. After the show, The Rock took the headband backstage to show his father, WWE star Rocky Johnson before showing Hogan, who took it back because it was the only one he had at the time. He mentioned that “The Hulkster” had more made, signed one and sent it to him as a gift.

The Rock went on to claim that he still has the headband to this day and thanked Hogan for being so kind to him as a kid. Hogan ended up responding, jokingly stating that if The Rock wants another headband he has to give him a rematch in the ring and take it from him.

After seeing their exchange on Twitter, the folks from Muscle & Fitness magazine tracked down the video of Hogan throwing his headband in the crowd at the MSG event. The Rock later confirmed that the video below was indeed the show where he caught the headband from Hogan.

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